Friday, October 2, 2009

Welcome Guest Author - Randall Lang

Name of Book: Magnificent Man

Guest Post for: Adventures in Moldovia


Sometimes a story doesn't begin as a idea, sometimes a story begins as a hero in search of a story. So it was with Magnificent Man. My personal idea of a hero is not only someone who performs rescues, saves lives, or fights for his ideals, my idea of a hero is someone who does good as a part of his daily life. As if to compound that, I feel that a hero should stand by his values and beliefs even when they are considered outdated and anachronistic by others. Throw in a dash of gallantry, a little chivalry, a dose of nobility and you have a pretty good hero. But since this is a romance novel, we dare not create a trite 'bigger-than-life' superhero. Better we should make him complex and, in the case of Coyote, the hero of Magnificent Man, slightly damaged.

Now that we have this hero, what can we do with him? Let's put him in the big city and make him a crime fighter. No, that would not work. He's damaged and a bit limited, the street thugs would eat him alive. What if he were a soldier who saves the heroine from enemies? Not bad, but soldiers tend to work in groups and Coyote really is not a team player. Would he make a good cowboy? Picture him riding a horse through the American southwest in the 1870's in search of adventure. Close, but not quite the exact time for him. Oh yes! There it is! The contemporary American southwest and not on a horse, but rather on a motorcycle, the ONLY real way to see the southwest other than on a horse. Now we have an anachronistic hero with the mind of a medieval knight who travels the southwest on a motorcycle helping forgotten people in a desolate land. That's my guy, that's Coyote.

Every story needs a heroine and Magnificent Man is no exception. We need a good, tough-as-nails heroine to link up with Coyote and change both of their lives. 'Tough-as-nails' really won't work, let's create a heroine who has been kicked by life a few times, and who just wants to improve things for her family.

Cassandra is a former beauty queen from Shreveport, Louisiana. At the peak of her life, things start to fall apart until, fourteen years later, she finds herself as a struggling single Mother supporting her teen-aged daughter and her aging Mother. She takes a chance by answering an ad in a Hollywood fan magazine and makes a hope-filled trip to Los Angeles only to be disappointed. On the trip home, things go steadily downhill until she is rescued from a band of murderous thugs by Coyote. She is confused when he calls her "my lady' and treats her as a knight would treat a queen. He agrees to take her back to Louisiana, but first he must complete several missions throughout the desert southwest. It is during this journey that she realizes what a truly noble and magnificent man is Coyote. Although she resists, she becomes inescapably bonded to him.

Coyote is a man beloved by the people he visits, and he is very content with his solitary lifestyle. He has no desire to become involved with a woman, but Cassandra brings a new type of fulfillment into his life and irreversibly changes him. It is during their journey of adventure through the stark yet beautiful desert landscape that a bond of love develops. A love that puts both of them in an intolerable situation.

I invite you to join Coyote and Cassandra on this journey of love and adventure through the contemporary American southwest. I am,

Your most humble and obedient servant,

Randall Lang

Randall Lang grew up in the tough coalfields of southwestern Pennsylvania where nothing comes easily. It is a world of limited opportunity and few roles to follow. Dreams are quickly vanquished in the shadows of necessity and creativity is usually buried beneath an avalanche of cynicism. However, epiphanies come in all shapes, sizes, and in a wide range of locations. In the dark and quiet world of the underground worksite, the stories within him began to take form. Years later, Randall Lang is the author of eight books of erotic stories published by Renaissance E Books, has contributed to two erotic anthologies, and the recently released Magnificent Man, an erotic romance published by Midnight Showcase. Randall’s erotic works include the five volume Trailer Park Nights series and three books of erotic short stories. These are available at His newest release, Magnificent Man, is available from Midnight Showcase at See the book trailer at Visit Randall’s website, The Worlds of Randall Lang, his blog, The Mind of Randall Lang, It’s a strange place to be. Randall now lives historically on an historic island in historic Wheeling, West Virginia.


  1. Randall, it sounds like an exciting adventure - exploring the southwest as well as finding love. Best wishes to you and your book.

  2. Hi Steph,

    Thank you for your delightful comments. MM was great fun to write and the research in the southwestern desert was an unforgettable experience.