Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Promo - Across The Fickle Winds of History

1913 brought the tercentenary of the Romanov dynasty to Russia and the last glory days to Nicholas II and his family – but even as the Romanovs celebrated, the underpinnings of discontent and dissension began to make their way through Russian society.

It is in this world that Olga Nicolaievna Romanov finds herself coming of age. A young woman of seventeen, Olga and her sisters meet there strangers on the ground of the Catherine Palace. Immediately, she’s drawn to a handsome young man, Paul Kerensky. The girls take the strangers into their home – and their hearts.

Soon, Olga begings to suspect the intriguing stranger she’s come to know is not who he appears to be. Her head and heart wage war as Paul leaves clues to his true identity and the reason as to why he’s come into her life. When she discovers Paul’s secret, she realizes her country is at a crossroads – and she must choose the path her country has to follow.


3 Stars, ForeWord Clarion Reviews, Aimee Merzon. “A creative and surprising theory that solved the mystery of the Romanovs.”

4 Stars, Lulu Reviews, Shannon Yarbourgh. “The author’s descriptions are quite beautiful, painting a picture of Russia in a much different light. From the first World War to a grand ball at the palace, Cardin breathes a certain life into her characters and setting that make this short novella quite intense.”


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