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Made in America - Warpath Coffee

Made in America – Warpath Coffee 


Product:  coffee


What is it: beverage 


Address: Mailing: P.O. Box 1344, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 82003; 401 W 19th St., Suite 301, Cheyenne, WY. 


Owned by:  Tej Gill, Family owned, veteran operated, Doug Juelfs is the registered point of contact for the company. 


From the Website: 


Founded by Navy SEAL combat veteran Tej Gill, we are veteran owned, and we are family operated. We take great pride in being coffee connoisseurs who don’t like to compromise.

Our crew consists of passionate coffee lovers who would fight even Davy Jones for an aromatic cup of coffee. We are veterans, NYPD, wives, and a 30+ year coffee roaster. 

Taste and stimulation. Whether you're a coffee enthusiast or a casual drinker, you will be blown away by our blend’s smooth-as-silk flavor, intoxicating aroma, and rich body. But don’t worry. It’s not all just bells and whistles.

When it comes to stimulation, our blend is unrivaled. You will find no acidity, no bitterness, just raw, pure coffee energy that will get you through the day.

Taste is #1

We are on a mission to make gourmet coffee a part of your daily routine. Every single bean is roasted in the United States using traditional roasting methods with a single goal; make every cup unique.

Warpath Coffee is meant to be drank black. Our coffee is perfectly roasted so there is never a bitter or acidic flavor, you don’t need sugar or milk with Warpath Coffee. Drink it black, be healthy and enjoy the perfectly roasted coffee is this bag.

Roasting Beans:

We small batch roast, meaning we do batch by batch, old school style Jabez Burns roasters were around since the civil war, the original civil war roasting style. Perforated drum, no tipping going on (burning the tips of beans). It's the historic American way of roasting. Hot air goes through the beans and escapes through the perforated holes in the side of the drum.

We roast to caramelize our beans, that's why is tastes so good black. Most roasters carbonize(burn) their beans, that's why you need milk and sugar with other roasters.


My comments:  I found Warpath Coffee through an online recommendation.  As I love coffee, I was game to try it.  One of the benefits for me was that Warpath was American made and I have a passion to buy American so that was a nice little incentive. 


They sell beans whole, ground, and k-cups. I can do any of the above but prefer k-cups.  


TASTE: I love the taste. When they say never bitter or acidic, they mean it. Honestly, this is the best tasting coffee I’ve had in quite a long time. 



SHOPPING:  You can buy direct from the website. You can also find Warpath products on Amazon as well, but I buy direct from the website.  


Currently, I have a bag of ground beans - Medium Breakfast Blend which I recommend.  Also, I have subscription to the Med Breakfast Blend K-cups. Now usually, I don’t subscribe to products, but I like to take the K-cups to work and brew up a cup right at the beginning of my shift.  Honestly, my shift isn’t right if I don’t have my Warpath K-cup.  I’ve no issues with the subscription.


PRICE:  I think the price is reasonable for being a company where most sales are from the internet.  The price for my K-cups are $12.99 (you can find K-cups in stores ranging from 6.99 to 12.99), so perhaps a bit on the pricier side, but I’m willing to pay it because the quality is there. 


OTHER PRODUCTS: They also sell coffee mugs on their website. They also sell gourmet coffee such as maple bacon, maple bourbon, and dark chocolate. 


WISH LIST:  I wish they sold bumper stickers, hoodies, and t-shirts.  I’d definitely buy some. 



I did not find where they made donations to any charities online. They are a newer company, with a start up date in January 2022, as far as my research can tell. 


I highly recommend Warpath Coffee. The coffee is one of the best tasting coffees I’ve ever had and I’m very happy with the subscription to the K-cups.  Honestly, I can’t give this company a better recommendation and they’re Made in America! If you need stars, this is 5 stars out of 5 stars from me! 





Check out my Summer read: Arrow Through the Heart!  Only 99 cents on Amazon. Avail in ebook. 

BLURB: Summer vacation and the Fourth of July brings Ella to New Hampshire while participating in a tennis competition. Logan is resident who bumps into Ella and invites her for an ice cream. Attraction flares and they enjoy spending time together.

As things heat up between them, each evaluates their plans for their life. When Ella is confronted by a stalker, Logan comes to her aid, but can a summer attraction truly become a lasting relationship?

Review: 5 Stars:  This is a a delightful, warm novel of a new friendship that turns to love.

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Collecting Critters #2 -- Loricorn

I love collecting hand knitted Critters and today I thought I’d share one of my oldest critters, Loricorn.  Loricorn was made by one of my co-workers, Megan, who is incredibly talented with making critters.  The first critter she made me was “Puggie.”  (More on Puggie later.  He might be in an upcoming critter collection post.)


You might notice that Loricorn looks a lot like candy corn. I find people either like candy corn or they don’t, but candy corn makes a nice a little treat when you need a pick me up. Candy corn season usually starts in late August and runs through October. I usually get 2 or 3 bags from the local grocery store and make some snack size bags which I place on my console at work for my co-workers to stop by and pick up a bag when a sugar fix is required. 


While Loricorn looks like candy corn, she got her name from another co-worker  (Lori) who likes to make popcorn and share her popcorn with us.  Her popcorn is usually pretty good – it’s just movie theatre butter flavor and no one can turn down a bag, so I decided to name my little after my co-worker, hence, Loricorn.


Loricorn’s favorite season is the fall & winter and Megan has been gracious enough to make a couple of hats for Loricorn to keep her little head warm.  Loricorn also likes Christmas and getting gifts.  Lately, Loricorn has been hanging at the house, but August and candy corn season is just around the corner so she’ll be heading off to work to spread more good cheer. 


Question for you:  Candy corn – do you love it or hate it?




Christmas in Bayeux is now available on Amazon as a .99 ebook and has been featured in Bargin Booksy ads. 




Aiden is searching for that something he can’t define.  After spending time in Iraq and losing his parents, he travels to France looking for that undefined something to give meaning to his life. Aiden reconnects with the one that got away, Noelle Rousseau, and quickly discovers that having purpose has ignited his life in a way he never thought possible.


Noelle is trying to make ends meet. After giving up teaching to run a bed and breakfast, she’s learning that new challenges can be daunting, even with help from her friends.  When Aiden steps back into her life, she learns that trust is not only rewarding, but scary.


Aiden thrives as he helps Noelle prepare for the Christmas season, but can both of them learn to trust, hope, and believe that love will offer them a future if they can only dare to believe? 


EXCERPT (Aiden and Noelle meet):


He didn’t think he could come to Bayeux if Noelle wasn’t here. He parked the car. The clouds above suspended the snow. A couple milled past the church on the sidewalk. Bayeux was a quiet town. 

            Aiden allowed a small smile to escape the corners of his lips. Since he’d last seen her nine years ago, she had gotten taller. Her brown hair peeked out from her cap, flecked with copper highlights. Her cobalt eyes pierced his defenses now, just as they had before. He took a long breath.  Despite the heavy clothes, she was stunning.  He hadn’t anticipated that.

            Her eyes swept over him and then sparked with recognition. “Aiden!” 

            “Bonjour, Noelle!”

            She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a quick hug. “Bonjour!” 

            Her warm glow infused him, cracking a stiff battlement. Her genuine embrace filled him with a spark of a feeling, something other than numbness, but he had no word for the feeling. He took a step back and offered a small smile. “It’s good to see you, Noelle. You’ve changed…”

            “Oh, I was just a girl when I was an exchange student in your house.”

            “You were sixteen.”

            Her cheeks reddened. “Oui– now I am a woman. How are your parents?” 



Friday, July 21, 2023

Book Review: The Duke and I - 3 Stars

Book cover inspired the by Netflix Series

Book review for:


The Duke and I

Author: Julia Quinn

Published by: Avon Books, 2000

Overall rating: 3 Stars 




PLOT:  (3 Stars)


Daphne Bridgerton is a young lady in Regency England. The ton dictates society’s norms and it’s her turn to traverse the rumors and innuendos of the season along with Lady Whistledown’s gossip column.  Daphne is well liked, heck, she’s everyone friend, so when it comes to finding a potential mate, he’s got to be something special because ordinary won’t do.


Simon Basset is young, handsome, and the new Duke of Hastings upon his father’s death, only Simon never cared much for his father. In fact, Simon’s father abandoned him as a young boy when he discovered Simon had a stutter. Simon vowed to be opposite of his father – never to fall in love, never to marry, and never have children.


When Daphne and Simon meet, the incident is memorable for both. Friendship grows into attraction, but Daphne and Simon have opposite goals in life. Daphne wants to be married and have children.  Simon doesn’t want any of marriage and children. When the couple is caught by Daphne’s brother in a compromised position, will a forced marriage bring happiness or misery? 



CATAYLIST: (3 Stars)


I was shopping at Costco and found the book. I liked the blurb, but thought the cover was ‘off’ – and it was reading the cover that I discovered Netflix made a series out of the book.  The actress on the cover was ‘Daphne’ – she totally captured the character.  The actor on the cover seemed off for ‘Simon’ – oh, he was handsome, but as I read the book, and developed my own inner visual for Simon, I found the disconnect a bit disconcerting.  Still, I was intrigued enough to buy the book and read it. 


THOUGHTS: (3.5 Stars)


Daphne is easy to like. She’s honest, forthright, brave and knows her mind. Her family is easy to like, too – even Anthony, who can be a little rough, but it’s understandable why he is, and his love for his siblings always shines though.


Simon is the more complicated character. He’s had a hard time of it, having to overcome a stutter and the abandonment of his father. Simon hides his background and challenges well in society, but when confronted with uncharacteristic emotions, he buckles down on what he knows – avoidance.  Daphne brings out the best and worst in Simon as she challenges him to confront his complicated emotions. 


WHAT WORKS: (4 Stars)


The banter is witty. The plot moves at a nice clip until a certain scene. The characters are appealing.




I don’t mind sexually graphic scenes. The romance genre varies from sweet to heavy charged graphic scenes. There are such scenes here in this novel. However, there’s a point in the novel where Daphne has sex with a drunk Simon and he’s barely aware of his surroundings. He’s in no condition to really give his consent to the encounter. That said, Simon’s been firm about his wishes – he does not wish to have children. The scene ends with the opportunity for Daphne to conceive and yet, it’s not something that Simon wanted.  Simon’s character development is not fleshed out to the point in this novel, when this encounter happens, where he willingly consents to Daphne’s desires.  For me, a romance reader, consent is a must. Not drunken consent, not implied consent, consent given willingly and freely. 




I liked the setting, the time period, and the escapism of the novel. I liked Daphne as a heroine. I appreciated the complicated character that Simon was, I just didn’t think the author took the time to develop the character to the point where he was in an emotional place to share Daphne’s desires when he has drunken sex with her. 



Not at this time.  I love a good escapism series and Bridgerton could very well be that, but I appreciate more the realism of the escapism then the reimagining of it.  The series itself would stand much stronger on its own if it was its own world and not a reimagined world of the ton




As usually I do with a review, I download the cover and share it with the review.  Well, I discovered the book had more than one cover. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, as it had a different covers when published in 2000 ,and then as it was published throughout the world, it was given different covers.  


I thought it would be interesting to compare covers.  Which ones have more appeal and which ones have less.  I’d love to get your thoughts on it. 


Tuesday, July 4, 2023

4th of July 2023

Happy 247th Birthday to the USA.  Boy, that’s a lot of candles! 


It’s challenging birthday as well. Gas prices are up, Food prices are up.  Home prices are up. And there are more controversial topics as well, but this 4th I wanted to strike a patriotic note.  Yes, we live in challenging times and if we don’t stick up for the values the founding fathers fought for, we may loose some of those of those things that make America unique. That said,


If you love this country, own it. Be proud. Fly your flag. Sing those songs – God Bless America! Be proud of the patriots who have fought in past wars and the patriots now who fight for freedom. Never forget what makes this country special and step up. Never be afraid to say “God Bless America.” 


Fun Facts:


The 13 original colonies are:

New Hampshire



Rhode Island

New York

New Jersey





North Carolina

South Carolina



There were 2.5 million Americans in July 1776.


56 people signed the Declaration of Independence.


The first 4th of July parade was in Bristol, Rhode Island in 1785.


In 1941, the US Government declared the 4th of July a Federal holiday.


In 1776 Dunlap printing printed 200 copies of the Declaration of Independence Only 26 remain. 


Blue Fireworks are the hardest to make because the balance in chemicals has to be just right. 



This Independence day is low-key for me.  We’re heading out to Ventura to enjoy a picnic dinner before watching the fireworks at the college.  


Past traditions including visit Catalina Island and watching the 4th of July golf cart parade and the USC Marching band. Baking a blueberry pie and decorating it like a flag has been something we’ve done before. Buying 4th of July flowers and flying the flag has been something we’ve done.  We’ve visited Pismo Beach and Cayucos California because there’s nothing like fireworks over the coast. One year, we went to see a Dodger Game on the 4th. In 2021 we traveled to New Hampshire and had a warmhearted friends & family get together complete with BBQ and pie! 


How do you spend your 4th


From the Declaration of Independence:


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. 





From my Summer 4th of July story, Arrow Through the Heart 




Summer vacation and the Fourth of July brings Ella to New Hampshire while participating in a tennis competition. Logan is an innkeeper's son who bumps into Ella and invites her for an ice cream. Attraction flares and they enjoy spending time together, but each has their own plans for their life. Then disaster strikes Ella. Can a summer attraction truly become a lasting relationship?



They finished their meal and he collected their trash. Glancing at his watch, he discovered it was eight-thirty. Logan frowned, knowing he had to leave.


"Thank you again for everything. I had a nice day, despite finding my room trashed." The corners of Ella's lips tipped upward.


God, that smile was like an arrow through his heart.


"I had a nice day, too." He paused, looked away for a second, suddenly nervous, then back at Ella. "I'm busy tomorrow at the inn, but I plan on watching your meet." 


"You don't have to, if you're busy—"


"I want to." He drew in a breath. "Maybe we can spend the evening together? Go for a boat ride? I'll show you some of the islands in the lake. We could have a picnic dinner and watch the sun set."


"All right." Her voice was soft and low, and her emerald eyes sparkled in the subdued room light.


He stood and walked over to the door. She followed him. His jaw tensed when he turned to look at her. He wanted to kiss her, but it was way too soon. 


"I'll see you tomorrow," she whispered.


"Good night," he said.

"Good night."





Christmas in July Special: Mr. Christmas Elf

Christmas in July is a great opportunity to bring the joy and good will of the Christmas season to you! With that, I'd thought I'd share one of Christmas stories, "Mr. Christmas Elf." 


Christmas is on the way, but Jules isn’t in the mood this year. She and her dad are barely making ends meet, and with extra bills piling up, how can they afford Christmas? Jules needs a new muffler for her car, and school tuition is looming—but the peppermint on top? Her boyfriend has just dumped her in a text message! When her boss at the coffee shop insists that all employees must write a letter to Santa and post it on the window, Jules decides to be painfully honest about what she needs—but is there any hope she will get it? When Elvis, a handsome hunk, shows up to visit with her about her car muffler, she begins to have an inkling of hope that this Christmas will be one to remember, after all. Claiming to be one of Santa’s elves, Elvis tells her all the magic the Christmas season has to offer can be hers, if she only believes. Is that too much to ask for?

Buy Link:

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Collecting Critters # 1 Meet Octo

I love collecting hand knitted critters. Why? I suppose what I love about my little critters is that each one is made with love. 

 Today's critter is "Octo." Octo's maker is my sister, Christine, who usually makes octos for her kitties to play with. Here, Octo has joined on vacay in April 2022. Octo can't wait to try the Wahlburgers.

I liked my visit to visit Wahlburgers.  It's not a chain that I see here on the West Coast, though I believe there's one in Los Angeles (kinda out of my way) . I had the tots and the "Our" burger.  What's in an "Our" Burger:

Beef Burger
Government Cheese
and Paul's signature Wahl Sauce

I can honestly say Wahlburgers was a hit and I would go there again. Now, I've never seen the show, but I do appreciate a good Wahl burger. 



Journey of the Heart is available on Amazon as an Ebook for .99 cents.


James DiMera returns to his home in California after World War II, only to find out he's lost his farm. His way of life gone, James becomes a journeyman, selling Bibles, looking for a sense of purpose. But after the loss of his dream, what can there be for him?

Rachel Santori's family winery is in trouble. She's looking for someone to trust. When Rachel meets James, she can't deny how he touches her lonely heart and soul with his kindness and the way comes to her aid. How long has it been since she had someone to depend on? Can James find a place of belonging in Rachel’s life? Can love mend both their weary hearts?


"Wait a minute, Sir," James interrupted, and peered at Rachel's spellbinding eyes for a second before looking at Mr. Smith. "You've tasted this vintage before?"

"I have."

"So you know how much it's worth?"

"I do."

"You seem like a fair man, Mr. Smith. At least you were with me. I believe if you offer miss Rachel one thousand dollars, you'll recoup your investment and more." 

"Now young man, how much do you know about wine?"

"Not much, but I do know human nature. You respected her father, and he, you, enough to share an expensive bottle of wine. Honor that respect now. I suspect if Miss Rachel didn't have to make this offer to you, she wouldn't have. She knew you and her father had a good relationship. Honor that like you honored my service."

"You're good, Son. I'll give you that. I'll offer you nine hundred dollars for the wine," he paused. "I know I've been hard on you Miss Rachel. You should consider hiring a young man who can help you manage the estate." 

"Thank you, Mr. Smith. I'll accept your offer and take your advice to heart." 

Mr. Smith grabbed his ledger, wrote a check, and presented it to her. 

"Do you have someone to carry in the cases? It's just Vito and I." She tucked the check into the purse. 

"Well --"

"I'll do it," said James. 

"Grab my stock boy from the back, Son." 

Rachel offered her hand to James. "Thank you, Sir. I appreciate your assistance. I'm Rachel Santori." 

"James DiMera." 


Sunday, June 11, 2023

Visiting the Valley Greek Festival May 2023

The Valley Greek Festival in Los Angeles was back, and I was happy to visit. Opa! It took place at St. Nicholas Church on Plummer and Balboa.  I grew up in a city with a prominent Greek community, so I’ve always had an affinity for Greek culture. In Germany, I loved visiting the authentic Greek restaurants.  My favorites were the Gyros and Ouzo. Lol!! And Ouzo has a black licorice taste to it, but it’s so smooth, it’s worth the shot for me. 


First thing we did was check out the food.  They had a big food tent, but the line was forever! So, we had to pass.  My son and I visited the drink tent. Ouzo and Kona for us! We found some pork souvlaki, zucchini sticks, and calamari as well as fried cheese which was remarkably good. Hidden secret there. 


Next, we explored the Greek Church, St. Nicholas.  For me, I found a lot of things in common with a Catholic church.  The vestments and ornaments seemed very ornate. There were differences, too. For me, I felt the reverence.  My spiritual beliefs have been evolving as late, as I’ve been working on God/Source and that he is the vine and we are the branches.  We are all one and yet separate.  The reverence in church was humbling.


Next we watched some dancing, but the line for the Loukoumades was far too long to wait in so we headed over to the Arts and Crafts and found a Greek coffee booth. The coffee was smooth.  The most impressive Arts and Crafts booth was the wood carving. It was advertised the carvings were from olive tree wood from the holy land.  I was very impressed with the intricate carvings. 


Overall, it was a fun day and nice to get out.  A bit overcast in Los Angeles, but still nice weather. 


What are your favorite Greek things? Drop me a line.


My story, Arrow Through the Heart is now avail on Kindle Unlimited.



Ella paused next to her room's door. "This is it." Her voice was soft, yet had a hint of awkwardness to it.

Logan drew in a small, nervous breath and jammed his hands into his pockets, trying to appear casual. "Did you have fun today?"

"I did." She cast her eyes downward for a second, and then glanced back up at him. Her gaze smoldered. His heart skipped a beat.

"Can I see you tomorrow?" he asked.

"I'd like that." She pulled out her cell phone and typed in his number. Logan did the same.

"On the Fourth, would you like to spend the day with me?" he asked.

"I—" Ella placed her hand on the door and it swung open. She glanced at him, surprise on her face. 

"Was your door latched?" Logan asked.

"I thought it was." 

"Let me." A sudden urge to protect her swelled in him and he stepped in front of her, entering the room. The sheets on the bed were crumpled, bureau drawers were spread across the floor, and her clothes were tossed about. A rope had been tied to her tennis racket and it hung from the ceiling fan with a note attached to it.

Amazon Link: 


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Thursday, May 25, 2023

Enjoy the Strawberries! CA Strawberry Festival 2023!

Arts & Crafts 2023

  The California Strawberry Festival is Back!! One of my favorite festivals here in my neck of the woods in California is the Strawberry Festival.  I think I started going when the boys were little, I want to say about 2010 around that time.  I enjoy a good festival, and there's a little bit of everything at the Strawberry Festival - food, arts & crafts, strawberries, music, kiddie rides, and would could forget: The Strawberry Smoothie!

  In the past, the festival was held at Oxnard College in Oxnard, but every year it grew and grew and this year was the first year it was held at the Ventura County Fairgrounds, a venue that fit the growing event.  One of the first things I would do would be to buy the boys a smoothie and I would hunt down a margarita.  This year, my son shared a margarita with me.   How the time flies!

After out smoothies, we were usually on the hunt for Arts & Crafts.  You can usually find some great gems at Arts & Crafts and this year was no exception!  I found some "dangles" earrings - my favorite was Grinchy earrings and mini flip flops, but they had everything under the sun. I also discovered lemoncello chocolate almonds.  They were delicious! I didn't even know they were a thing! Now I know I can find them on Amazon! One year I got a really top with stretchy material that had a Paris theme. 

After visiting A&C, it was time to find a snack.  Usually I go for the Garlic Fries, but there's a whole variety of items such as strawberry tamales, nachos, turkey legs, corn dogs, and hamburgers. Garlic fries are my favorite because you can't get them all the time.  If there was space, we'd sit down and listen to the music.

Oxnard, 2019 

 If we had an opportunity, we'd take the kids to the kiddie area and take pictures with the mascots.  After that, it was time to find some flats and head home.  This year we had the cool opportunity to find  Tony's Pizza in Ventura - it was a local place with live music and the pizza crust was the best I've had in ages! 

 What I like about festivals is that it gets you out of the house, gives you an opportunity to explore and relax with no time constraints and you can always enjoy the strawberries!  What's your favorite festival?

 My story, Arrow Through the Heart is now available on Amazon unlimited.  


Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire 

Ella strolled along the boardwalk next to the lake, exploring the shops. A store that sold beach gear caught her attention. Outside the door were several flyers and brochures in a display. After studying the flyers, she picked one up, and began reading it. Ella gnawed on her lower lip. Could she steady herself enough to allow the parachute to lift her? She stared at the parasailing brochure. The man on the front made it look easy, but if it was one thing she learned about life, it was that nothing came easy.

"Hey, you want to try it?" The deep, masculine voice startled Ella. She placed her hand over her chest to steady her heart.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you." He walked around to her side so she could see him. "I'm Logan Donovan."

Ella's breath jammed in her throat. Logan's wide smile and kind sky-blue eyes sparkled in the sun. Tall, broad-chested, and well-muscled, his stance radiated confidence. Men rarely snuck up on her, but Logan had, and he'd taken her breath away.