Friday, June 30, 2023

Collecting Critters # 1 Meet Octo

I love collecting hand knitted critters. Why? I suppose what I love about my little critters is that each one is made with love. 

 Today's critter is "Octo." Octo's maker is my sister, Christine, who usually makes octos for her kitties to play with. Here, Octo has joined on vacay in April 2022. Octo can't wait to try the Wahlburgers.

I liked my visit to visit Wahlburgers.  It's not a chain that I see here on the West Coast, though I believe there's one in Los Angeles (kinda out of my way) . I had the tots and the "Our" burger.  What's in an "Our" Burger:

Beef Burger
Government Cheese
and Paul's signature Wahl Sauce

I can honestly say Wahlburgers was a hit and I would go there again. Now, I've never seen the show, but I do appreciate a good Wahl burger. 



Journey of the Heart is available on Amazon as an Ebook for .99 cents.


James DiMera returns to his home in California after World War II, only to find out he's lost his farm. His way of life gone, James becomes a journeyman, selling Bibles, looking for a sense of purpose. But after the loss of his dream, what can there be for him?

Rachel Santori's family winery is in trouble. She's looking for someone to trust. When Rachel meets James, she can't deny how he touches her lonely heart and soul with his kindness and the way comes to her aid. How long has it been since she had someone to depend on? Can James find a place of belonging in Rachel’s life? Can love mend both their weary hearts?


"Wait a minute, Sir," James interrupted, and peered at Rachel's spellbinding eyes for a second before looking at Mr. Smith. "You've tasted this vintage before?"

"I have."

"So you know how much it's worth?"

"I do."

"You seem like a fair man, Mr. Smith. At least you were with me. I believe if you offer miss Rachel one thousand dollars, you'll recoup your investment and more." 

"Now young man, how much do you know about wine?"

"Not much, but I do know human nature. You respected her father, and he, you, enough to share an expensive bottle of wine. Honor that respect now. I suspect if Miss Rachel didn't have to make this offer to you, she wouldn't have. She knew you and her father had a good relationship. Honor that like you honored my service."

"You're good, Son. I'll give you that. I'll offer you nine hundred dollars for the wine," he paused. "I know I've been hard on you Miss Rachel. You should consider hiring a young man who can help you manage the estate." 

"Thank you, Mr. Smith. I'll accept your offer and take your advice to heart." 

Mr. Smith grabbed his ledger, wrote a check, and presented it to her. 

"Do you have someone to carry in the cases? It's just Vito and I." She tucked the check into the purse. 

"Well --"

"I'll do it," said James. 

"Grab my stock boy from the back, Son." 

Rachel offered her hand to James. "Thank you, Sir. I appreciate your assistance. I'm Rachel Santori." 

"James DiMera." 


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