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2.99 Kindle Steampunk Romance: A Lady Never Lies #kindledeal #kindle #steampunk

2015 RONE Finalist - In'D Tales Magazine.  

Jocelyn Dunkirk is not your typical Victorian lady. She dresses in leather, wears goggles and is not afraid to get a little grease under her fingernails. Gentlemen avoid her like a dirty rivet.

Richard Windsor, the Prince of Wales, travels through time to claim Jocelyn's heart, but if it isn't one challenge, it's another. He determines to be a constant, steady presence in her life, hoping to prove he'd make a worthy husband.

Jocelyn's facing a bucket full of problems. The Prime Minister wants her to assist in ending a coal strike before it cripples the nation while her father attempts to recover from a serious injury. Will Jocelyn's dedication to her country and family ruin the one chance she has at love?  

BOOK TRAILER For Book 1, Victorian Scoundrel:


She swatted her hand next to her head like she was swatting a fly. Love could flitter away from her heart like a hummingbird for all she cared. Who needed it? Love hurt.

A knock rapped on the door, but before she could voice a reply, Richard walked in. He crossed the room, raw concern splayed over his face and he knelt before her. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing.""You look annoyed."

"A lady never cusses," she replied.

His lips tipped in amusement. "What else does a lady never do?"

"They never wear the same dress twice."

He pulled up a chair and sat in front of her. "I believe that." 

"And a lady never lies," she said.

He slid his hand over hers and laced their fingers together. A sweet jolt pulsed up her arm and she smiled despite herself. 

"So what's bothering you?" he asked.


"You've got romance, betrayal, time travel and gadgets. Perfect mix!!! Can't wait for the next book!" The Crafty Cauldron

4.5 Stars, Clue Review
This is a fun series! The author has a huge imagination. 

5 Stars,  Michelle Stanley for Reader's Favorites
"A wonderful book." 

4.5 Stars, In'D Tales Magazine, Carol Conley:  "Filled with danger, excitement, romance, ingenuity, history and humor it has something for everyone. A tale told to entertain for the ages!"












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Snippet Sunday - 2.99 Paranormal Romance - Sunrise Over Brasov #wewriwa #snippetsunday

Welcome to the New Year! I hope 2017 is off to a great start for you! 

Hi all, I'm participating in the Weekend Warriors Snippet Sunday. This month, I'll be taking snippets from my winter romance, Sunrise Over Brasov. You can find the Weekend Warriors Snippet Sunday list at:

About this snippet:   Michael and Rosa debate. 

Her head snapped toward his direction. Mother? Of course she had a mother -- a family, even -- only she had no recollection of them. So why did her body fill with warmth at the mention of her mother by a man she hadn't seen before, but was hauntingly familiar? She pursed her lips, torn by conflicting emotions.
"Caroline and Darius can't keep this up. Now get dressed or I'll dress you myself." 
"You'll find me an unwilling subject."
He drew in a deep breath and raked a hand through his thick ebony hair, "You are 
"So I've been told."
"By who?" His eyes narrowed.


Rosa Getzi lives a life of intrigue at Poiana Brasov with Clement, a werewolf, and Cassandra, the witch. Her past doesn't matter to her – until she discovers what it holds.
Prince Michael Sigmaringen joins his sister-in-law, Caroline, and the vampire prince, Darius, in a daring rescue, igniting Rosa's desire to find her family. However, all is not as it appears. Rickard, Rosa's friend, escapes with her. Clement will go to any lengths to get Rosa and Rickard back.
At Darius' fortress, Michael soon discovers Rickard is a new breed of werewolf – one who can control the change, and Clement hopes to exploit Rickard's abilities.
Michael's courage, strengths, and convictions will be tested like never before. Can Michael and Rosa find true happiness and the rid the lupine haunting of the Sigmaringens once and for all?







5 Stars, Liz Gavin, Amazon Reviewer:  "The plot is engaging and fast-paced, packed-full of action that will take your breath away."

5 Stars, Reader's Favorites Reviews. "You will love this paranormal romantic novel."

4.5 Stars, Poppy, Long and Short Reviews
Much different from any historical or paranormal book I’ve read, Sunrise Over Brasov was both exciting and terribly romantic.
3.5 Stars, Mimi Smith, In'D Tales Magaine, FEB 2014: "The overall story is engrossing," 

4 Flowers, It's Raining Books: "Ms. Burkhart has woven an interesting and unusual historical tale of suspense and romance here. "

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4.99 Kindle Middle School book: 1st Flag of New Hampshire #kindledeal #childrensbook

4.99 Middle School Book:  1st Flag of New Hampshire
Recommended for ages: 9-13 

NOTE: Author Stephanie Burkhart is interviewed by Author Regina Andrews about the 1st Flag of New Hampshire.  This interview was originally published in APR 2012. 


It’s the start of the school year, and Alyssa has to take American Studies for college prep. She’s paired with classmate Miguel De Soto to find the first flag of New Hampshire, but the flag has only flown four times in New Hampshire’s past. Can Alyssa and Miguel track the flag through history before time is up?


REGINA: I'd like to welcome fellow author, Stephanie Burkhart, here to kick off her blog tour for her latest YA/MS release, "First Flag of New Hampshire."

STEPH: I'm so excited to be here, Gina. I've done several blog tours now and I've noticed I always start off my tours by visiting your blog in little Rhode Island first so I was glad for the opportunity to do so again.

REGINA: You're welcome! Tell us about the book.

STEPH: Alyssa and Miguel are high school seniors at Central High in Manchester, NH. As part of their assignment for American Studies, they're tasked to find out the four times in NH history when the first flag flew and where it is now. Their friends, Greg and Karen, challenge them to a friendly race, adding a sense of urgency to the project.

REGINA: What was the inspiration behind the plot?

STEPH: My American Studies class. I rarely get inspiration from dreams, as I'm a very heavy sleeper. It's funny, I can still remember sitting in the class and my teachers, Mrs. Hussey and Mr. Lord saying this would be a class that would stay with us the rest of our lives. At the time, I was 17 and just laughed, but they were right. At the end of the school year, I knew this class would resonate with me.

REGINA: How long ago was American Studies?

STEPH: 25 years. Can you believe that?

REGINA: Is there really a 'first' flag of New Hampshire?

STEPH: Not really, but I wanted to write a young adult/middle school mystery so I made up the first flag. What I was striving to do was seamlessly blend fact and fiction and I hope I've done that.

REGINA: How long did it take you to write?

STEPH: About a month including the research.

REGINA: How did you come to pick the setting?

STEPH: I grew up in New Hampshire. It just felt right to me. Actually, this is going to be a series. Alyssa and Miguel are going to visit all 6 New England states solving mysteries along the way.

REGINA: What are Alyssa's strengths? Weaknesses?

STEPH: She's determined and focused. Alyssa has a plan. I would say when a wrench gets thrown into her plan, it takes her a bit to work through it.

REGINA: What does Miguel like about Alyssa?

STEPH: Miguel finds her kind with a pleasant disposition. Her determination and focus helps him do the same. His ability to work through a problem helps her do the same.

REGINA: Who did the illustrations?

STEPH: Ginger Nielson. Ginger is a true blessing. She's from New Hampshire, as well. I love how her illustrations bring Aly and Miguel to life. They're perfect!

REGINA: How long have you been writing?

STEPH: About 10 years now.

REGINA: What do you find rewarding about young adult writing?

STEPH: The ability to inspire others – especially young adults and children -  to read. I love watching young people embrace a good story.



5 Stars, Amazon Customer:  "I enjoyed Ms. Burkhart's First Flag of New Hampshire very much. The story was fast paced and fresh."

4 Stars, Cherl Maderadinos, Amazon Reviewer:   "Readers who like solving mysteries or learning about the past will enjoy First Flag of New Hampshire. This would also make a great addition to a school library."




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99 cents contemporary romance: A Polish Heart #kindledeals #99cents #kindle

A Polish Heart
99 cent contemporary romance

Darrin Riverton, an architect from the United States is assigned to a challenging project which requires a trip to Poland. Sofia Buraczynski is assigned as his translator and his first sight of her heats his blood. 

With Sofia as his guide, Darrin discovers Poland and many new things about himself, as well. When a chance is presented for him to remain in Poland, will he leave behind family and all that is familiar to follow his heart?


A tall, handsome man with broad shoulders, wearing a long-sleeved polo shirt, walked toward her holding a bouquet of poppies and orchids.

Her teeth nipped at her lower lip as she ran her eyes over this beautifully proportioned man, her body warming at the sight of him. He looked tough and lean, and his handsome face kindled with a sort of classical beauty she hadn't seen on a man before. His leonine stride radiated self-confidence. His hair was sandy blond in a short, neat cut and his cobalt blue eyes pierced her professional armor.

He stopped in front of her and held out his flowers. "Dzien dobry."

A wide grin crossed her lips and she dropped the sign she was holding. "Hello, Mr. Riverton."

A look of relief passed over his face. "You know, I practiced that phrase all morning on the plane."

"I admire the effort. Are the flowers for me?"

"Yes." His smile was full of pride.

Sofia took the flowers and held them up to her nose. "Freshly picked.

Thank you."

"You're welcome."

He paused and it grew awkwardly silent between them. Sofia realized for the first time in meeting a client, she had forgotten her professionalism. "Forgive my manners. My name is Sofia Buraczynski and I'll be your interpreter while you are here." She put the sign in her left hand and held 
out her right hand for a handshake. 

Book Trailer on You Tube:


5 Stars, Reader Lady, Amazon Reviewer:  "This is an excellent read."

5 Stars, Muddy Rose Reviews, Amazon Reviewer:  "It was refreshing to read a sweet romance. I particularly enjoyed the international setting."

5 Stars, Tara Mandarino, Amazon Reviewer:  "Totally enjoyable read."



Barnes & Noble:




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Movie Review: Hidden Figures #hiddenfigures #moviereview

Movie Review for:  Hidden Figures
Screenplay: Theodore Melfi and Allsion Schroeder
20th Century Fox
Released: 25 DEC 2016
Rated: PG
Starring: Tarji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monae
5 Stars
Suspenseful: 2
Sincere: 5
Costumes: 5
Family Friendly: 4
Feel Good: 5
Heartfelt and Heartwarming
Inspirational and entertaining, “Hidden Figures” easily draws the viewer to another time and has them rooting not only for America in the space race, but for the characters as well. 
Henson plays “Katherine Johnson,” a brilliant mathematician who works as a “computer” in NASA. Johnson has quite a challenge, not only as a mathematician, but overcoming prejudice with the men she works with. Henson’s portrayal is layered with quiet determination and heartfelt love for community and family. 
Spencer shines as “Dorothy Vaughn.” Vaughn is an acting supervisor who has earned a promotion twice over, but is not considered. Spencer brings dignity, kindness, and compassion to her character, infusing her with a warmth I admired.
Monae’s character is “Mary Jackson.” She’s feisty, but not afraid to dream big dreams. One of my favorite scenes is when her boss, a polish Jew, inspires her to do something about becoming an engineer. Monae brings a nuanced portrayal to the character combining grit, determination, and a love of family that was sincere and heartfelt. 
The supporting cast is fantastic. Kevin Costner plays Katherine’s boss, “Mr. Harrison,” as a firm, yet fair man. I cheered for him when he took a crowbar to the colored bathroom sign. 
The screenplay is well balanced. Character driven scenes infuse plot driven scenes making for a nice flow. I didn’t look at my watch once during the movie.
The editing toward the end felt a bit choppy and if anything, is the one thing the movie could improve on. The movie clocks in at 2 hours, 7 minutes, but should be a tad longer for the sake of consistent editing.  Still, the characterization and storytelling are excellent.  The editing does not take away from my rating of a “5.”
I cried, I laughed, and I cheered for the main characters.  They will take over your heart and have you rooting for their success.  “Hidden Figures” is a must see event worth seeing a 2nd and 3rd time. I highly recommend taking a trip to the theatre for this one.