Thursday, January 12, 2017

Health Topic: Magnesium, an awesome little pill #health

Magnesium:  A lot of Awesome in a little pill
I discovered magnesium while I was researching ADHD. Not quite where you would expect a big, old, light mineral, huh? Turns out magnesium has a ton of health benefits. And not just for humans!
Magnesium makes up 2 percent of the Earth’s crust so it helps keep the Earth healthy, too. It’s a silvery, light metal which is often mixed with aluminum to make a very strong alloy. Ever had your car break down? Magnesium can be found in flares and fireworks. Hard to believe something that burns so easily could be so good for you, right?
But it is.
So what does magnesium do for you and me? 
Research tells us magnesium helps keep blood pressure normal, makes our bones strong, and keeps our heart rhythms steady. This handy, little fiery mineral helps to reduce chronic pain and inflammation, too.  Rumor has it that magnesium promotes a healthy heart, improves asthma, and helps fights osteoporosis.  (That’s what you’ll find on the label) I bet Magnesium has a ‘thing’ for Calcium, too. (wink!)
Shockingly, just about everyone doesn’t get enough magnesium. Signs of a magnesium deficiency include: impaired memory, confusion, and cognitive function, irritability, irregular heartbeat, cramps, and vertigo.  When it comes to lacking in good ol’ Mg (the chemical abbreviation for magnesium) these symptoms alone wouldn’t make me think I was lacking. Best way to determine if you’ve got a Mg deficiency is to get a blood test.
Where do you find Magnesium? Leave it in the Earth’s crust. The Earth needs all it can get. Here’s a list of healthy magnesium rich foods:

Bananas and Broccoli
Leafy green veggies like Spinach and avocados
Quinoa, seeds, and nuts
Dairy & meat
Or you can take a pill.  I take a pill.
Female and over 31? You need 320 of Mg. 
Male and over 31? You need 420 of Mg.
ADHD Children? The Progressive Health Website recommends 200 mg per day, however, other websites recommend 3 to 6 mg per pound. So, if you have an ADHD boy that weighs 70 pounds you need 560 mg at 6 mg per pound. At 3 mg per pound that would be 210 mg. 
How does magnesium help ADHD kids?
Remember those symptoms of magnesium deficiency? Irritability? Confusion? Cognitive function? ADHD kids share these symptoms. 
Interestingly, magnesium helps transmit messages along the nervous system. Increase the magnesium and increase the quality of the transmissions. Mg12 (magnesium is the 12th element on the table) is calming to the body. Try an Epsom salt bath. Also, this fiery element helps the body make serotonin, a neurotransmitter that promotes balance.  Low serotonin equals irritability and moodiness. 
Mg12 improves attention since it helps the neurotransmitters fire on all cylinders. ;)
What if I take too much? Well, if you do, you might be nauseous, have diarrhea or muscle fatigue. 
BIG TIP: Don’t take carbonated drinks when taking Mg12. It leaches the magnesium right out of you.  Don’t take sugar either. Sugar does not help the body absorb Mg12. Antibotics are a no-no, too.  Wait a couple of hours between taking antibiotics and Mg12 so they don’t interfere with each other.
I’ve started taking Mg12 and I’ve got no complaints. If anything, I’ve noticed I’m generally healthy and a lot less irritable.  
Anyone else take Mg12?  I’d love to hear how it’s helped you.
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  1. I see that Magnesium is added to my B Complex vitamins and also my breakfast cereal. Good to know what it's for.

  2. I get magnesium in my multi-vitamins, but I also eat most of the Mg foods regularly. It's nice to know that this element is so helpful!

  3. Interesting. I will have to look into this!

  4. Great post! I eat many of the foods on your list that have magnesium. I will have to share this with my family members. Thanks, Steph!

  5. I have chronic migraines and taking two tabs a day saves me from going in for three hour magnesium drips. My doctor said not to take any more than that a day, but lately I've found taking two on set onset and every morning during works a whole lot better than naproxin. I'm also on gabapetin, tizadine, and hydroxyzine. And now they want to change the gabapetin.