Wednesday, November 28, 2018

New Release! Mr. Christmas Elf : Sweet Contemporary Romance

Christmas is on the way, but Jules isn’t in the mood this year. She and her dad are barely making ends meet, and with extra bills piling up, how can they afford Christmas? Jules needs a new muffler for her car, and school tuition is looming—but the peppermint on top? Her boyfriend has just dumped her in a text message! 

When her boss at the coffee shop insists that all employees must write a letter to Santa and post it on the window, Jules decides to be painfully honest about what she needs—but is there any hope she will get it? 

When Elvis, a handsome hunk, shows up to visit with her about her car muffler, she begins to have an inkling of hope that this Christmas will be one to remember, after all. Claiming to be one of Santa’s elves, Elvis tells her all the magic the Christmas season has to offer can be hers, if she only believes. Is that too much to ask for?


     "Come on, Jules, write your Christmas list, or I'll dock your pay another thirty minutes." 
     "Why do you have to bully me, Joe? It's a depressing list."
     "It's Christmas, and no one disappoints my Sally on Christmas."
     Yeah, I'd feel bad if I let Sally down, too. 
     I wrote: 

Dear Santa, 
I need a new muffler, a hundred bucks to pay off my root canal, cigars for my dad, a lottery scratcher, and a new boyfriend. P.S. I'm praying for world peace too, especially on Christmas. 
Love, Jules. 

     I thought I'd throw the scratcher in there for a giggle. Hey, it's affordable. I probably won't win anything, but you never know.

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