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99 cents contemporary romance: A Polish Heart #kindledeals #99cents #kindle

A Polish Heart
99 cent contemporary romance

Darrin Riverton, an architect from the United States is assigned to a challenging project which requires a trip to Poland. Sofia Buraczynski is assigned as his translator and his first sight of her heats his blood. 

With Sofia as his guide, Darrin discovers Poland and many new things about himself, as well. When a chance is presented for him to remain in Poland, will he leave behind family and all that is familiar to follow his heart?


A tall, handsome man with broad shoulders, wearing a long-sleeved polo shirt, walked toward her holding a bouquet of poppies and orchids.

Her teeth nipped at her lower lip as she ran her eyes over this beautifully proportioned man, her body warming at the sight of him. He looked tough and lean, and his handsome face kindled with a sort of classical beauty she hadn't seen on a man before. His leonine stride radiated self-confidence. His hair was sandy blond in a short, neat cut and his cobalt blue eyes pierced her professional armor.

He stopped in front of her and held out his flowers. "Dzien dobry."

A wide grin crossed her lips and she dropped the sign she was holding. "Hello, Mr. Riverton."

A look of relief passed over his face. "You know, I practiced that phrase all morning on the plane."

"I admire the effort. Are the flowers for me?"

"Yes." His smile was full of pride.

Sofia took the flowers and held them up to her nose. "Freshly picked.

Thank you."

"You're welcome."

He paused and it grew awkwardly silent between them. Sofia realized for the first time in meeting a client, she had forgotten her professionalism. "Forgive my manners. My name is Sofia Buraczynski and I'll be your interpreter while you are here." She put the sign in her left hand and held 
out her right hand for a handshake. 

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5 Stars, Reader Lady, Amazon Reviewer:  "This is an excellent read."

5 Stars, Muddy Rose Reviews, Amazon Reviewer:  "It was refreshing to read a sweet romance. I particularly enjoyed the international setting."

5 Stars, Tara Mandarino, Amazon Reviewer:  "Totally enjoyable read."



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