Sunday, July 23, 2023

Collecting Critters #2 -- Loricorn

I love collecting hand knitted Critters and today I thought I’d share one of my oldest critters, Loricorn.  Loricorn was made by one of my co-workers, Megan, who is incredibly talented with making critters.  The first critter she made me was “Puggie.”  (More on Puggie later.  He might be in an upcoming critter collection post.)


You might notice that Loricorn looks a lot like candy corn. I find people either like candy corn or they don’t, but candy corn makes a nice a little treat when you need a pick me up. Candy corn season usually starts in late August and runs through October. I usually get 2 or 3 bags from the local grocery store and make some snack size bags which I place on my console at work for my co-workers to stop by and pick up a bag when a sugar fix is required. 


While Loricorn looks like candy corn, she got her name from another co-worker  (Lori) who likes to make popcorn and share her popcorn with us.  Her popcorn is usually pretty good – it’s just movie theatre butter flavor and no one can turn down a bag, so I decided to name my little after my co-worker, hence, Loricorn.


Loricorn’s favorite season is the fall & winter and Megan has been gracious enough to make a couple of hats for Loricorn to keep her little head warm.  Loricorn also likes Christmas and getting gifts.  Lately, Loricorn has been hanging at the house, but August and candy corn season is just around the corner so she’ll be heading off to work to spread more good cheer. 


Question for you:  Candy corn – do you love it or hate it?




Christmas in Bayeux is now available on Amazon as a .99 ebook and has been featured in Bargin Booksy ads. 




Aiden is searching for that something he can’t define.  After spending time in Iraq and losing his parents, he travels to France looking for that undefined something to give meaning to his life. Aiden reconnects with the one that got away, Noelle Rousseau, and quickly discovers that having purpose has ignited his life in a way he never thought possible.


Noelle is trying to make ends meet. After giving up teaching to run a bed and breakfast, she’s learning that new challenges can be daunting, even with help from her friends.  When Aiden steps back into her life, she learns that trust is not only rewarding, but scary.


Aiden thrives as he helps Noelle prepare for the Christmas season, but can both of them learn to trust, hope, and believe that love will offer them a future if they can only dare to believe? 


EXCERPT (Aiden and Noelle meet):


He didn’t think he could come to Bayeux if Noelle wasn’t here. He parked the car. The clouds above suspended the snow. A couple milled past the church on the sidewalk. Bayeux was a quiet town. 

            Aiden allowed a small smile to escape the corners of his lips. Since he’d last seen her nine years ago, she had gotten taller. Her brown hair peeked out from her cap, flecked with copper highlights. Her cobalt eyes pierced his defenses now, just as they had before. He took a long breath.  Despite the heavy clothes, she was stunning.  He hadn’t anticipated that.

            Her eyes swept over him and then sparked with recognition. “Aiden!” 

            “Bonjour, Noelle!”

            She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a quick hug. “Bonjour!” 

            Her warm glow infused him, cracking a stiff battlement. Her genuine embrace filled him with a spark of a feeling, something other than numbness, but he had no word for the feeling. He took a step back and offered a small smile. “It’s good to see you, Noelle. You’ve changed…”

            “Oh, I was just a girl when I was an exchange student in your house.”

            “You were sixteen.”

            Her cheeks reddened. “Oui– now I am a woman. How are your parents?” 



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