Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Welcome Guest Author - Marion Webb-De Sisto

Welcome guest author Marion Webb-De Sisto!
Become reacquainted with the first and seventh archangels, Samael and Seriel, as they begin their exile in a dark, hellish place where essence-drinking demons and energy-sapping plant life abound. There's even a fierce, golden dragon to breathe fire into the story. Both siblings are separated from their beloved Malkura in this continuing angelic saga, and the reader learns how the brothers handle this misfortune. Seriel is resigned to never having won her affection while Samael plots to regain what he has lost. The celestial adventures continue to unfold in this further narrative of the brothers' rivalry and pursuit of their eternal lives. Abbadon has something for everyone, being a tale of adventure with some romantic moments and several dastardly deeds by Samael, a.k.a. the Devil.

* "A most unusual love story."

* "Marion Webb-De Sisto has created a complete angelic society, just as today's physicists are putting forward the theory that angels created the universe."
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  1. Marion, I wanted to say this book sounded really interesting. I'm a sucker for a good adventure story and I got the impression this was a great one from the blurb! Thanks for sharing. Steph