Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Welcome Guest Author - Christine Columbus!

Christine is from The Wild Rose Press and has 8 Rosettes…She's got a new release Trust Your Heart a Miniature Rose…

A little excerpt….

A trace of laughter filled his deep, sensual voice. My eyes widened. “David Lindstrom?”
His gaze narrowed. “Michelle Mason?”

My heart thumped. The handsome man in front of me was David. He looked different from the teenager who had shared a locker beside mine for four years. Back then, he wore nothing but faded denim overalls, white stained t-shirts, work boots and a baseball cap, but the smile was the same.

He clasped my hand and drew me closer.

I leaned close and sniffed twice. He certainly didn’t smell like the farm boy who came to school more times than not smelling like manure. His scent was clean, crisp and all male. “You smell wonderful.”

His arms wrapped around me, and his chest rumbled with laughter. “You were always the honest one.”

The warmth of his embrace was like chocolate to a dieter, and my arms tightened possessively. Guilt and the desire to take a little nibble had me rocking back and forth in his embrace. His arms tightened.

The Reviews Have Been Great:

Review: WOW!!!! I am not sure if I have ever wanted to slap so many secondary characters in my life! Ms Columbus, you have done such a fabulous job creating the emotions for this story that I wanted to jump into the pages and wring the necks of a couple of the nasty people who were total jerks to Michelle.Both main characters were so wonderful. Emotion ran rampant and more than once I experienced the emotion right along with them. When I read a story that can do that, I am at a loss for words. The beginning, middle and end left me a very satisfied reader. *Snaps* for a job well done and a toast for more to come from this talented author :)

5 STARS*****

Trust Your Heart was a fun and tender story that kept me smiling the whole way through.

Trust Your Heart was a sweet read that held my interest until the end. Christine has a great knack for injecting clever dialogue between her characters which I throughly enjoyed.

Where you can find "Trust Your Heart:"

http://www.thewildrosepress.com/trust-your-heart-p-3669.html?zenid=64bf02d49ecb8f0b8d7c4ac8827cc933 If you'd like to know more stop by my website: www.ChristineColumbus.Net


  1. Christine, I LOVE the Wild Rose Press. They offer a several great Romantic lines and books both in ebook and print format. I can't say enough great things about them! I loved your excerpt - it's full of a lot of emotion and depth. I'm going to work on a rosette for them. Thanks for the inspiration! hehe

  2. Congrats on the great review Christine! Sounds like a must read!

  3. Great review. Congrats on the new release.