Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Top 5 Romances - Inspiration

My fellow Book Spa Author, Celia Yeary did a top 10 of her favorite romances and I was impressed. Mind you, Celia enjoys a good western romance and it's not usually a romance subgenre I read, but she got me to thinking... What are my 5 top romances?

#1 -Whitney My Love by Judith McNaught

#2 - The Wicked Games of a Gentleman by Jillian Hunter

#3 - Across A Moon Dark Moor by Rebecca Brandywynne

#4 - Queen in Waiting by Jean Plaidy

#5 - Suddenly You by Lisa Kleypas

Interesting list, huh? And most of the stuff is relatively new. That's because I don't count Victoria Holt. I don't know if I should or shouldn't, so I'm leaning toward I shouldn't for now. Why? I remember I loved reading her books, but I can't remember any specific plots.

I did read romance in high school, but I was into more gothic work - including Victoria Holt who is known for her gothic romance. During this time I was more into comic books and the such - Anne Rice, horror oriented stuff.

The earliest book on my top 5 read I was in 1988 and it was Jean Plaidy's Queen in Waiting. The story is about Caroline of Ansbach who is/will be the future/wife of George II. George and Caroline's story is really a love story despite the conventions of the day. I remember reading it and just enjoying it. Love did have a happy ending. That's what I took away from that book.

Also - I don't know if you noticed but all these books are historicals - taking place in Europe/England.

I think it would be safe to say I'm a sucker for historical romance.

The next book was Upon a Moon Dark Moor by Rebecca Brandywynne. This was written in the first person and I loved how Brandywynne told the story. The character's voice was complete - all encompassing.

The next book that made an impression with me was "Whitney My Love." I loved the story. McNaught switches POV within scenes, which is a big no-no, but I could forgive it. Whitney and Clayton fell completely in love. It was sweet to read.

Next was "Suddenly You" by Lisa Kleypas who just totally sold me on the story. I loved her writing style. It was easy to read and go through with graphic love scenes that sold me on the power of love.

Last on my list is Jillian Hunter, "The Wicked Games of a Gentleman" by Jillian Boscastle. I loved how Drake was reinvigorated by Eloise's love. Again, great graphic love scenes that spoke to the testiment of love.

I do read more than historicals. 4 favorites I've read recently include:

FIRE EYES by Cheryl Pierson which is a western

ANAM CARA by Keena Kincid which is a time traveling historical

NO SECOND CHANCE by Maggie Toussaint which is a contemporary romance

TO LOVE A HERO by Mona Risk which features an international flare to a contemporary romance.

Currently I'm working on a paranormal romance that takes place in England/Hungary in 1901. Something, different, huh? What's your top 5?




  1. I like your blog it's very informative. I've read all but the fourth book on your top five and agree that they are all very fine reads. Thanks for sharing. All the very best,

  2. Thanks, Simone. It's nice to see you pop in! I'm glad to see we have similiar tastes. hehe

  3. STEPH--Judith McNaught has been one of my favorites--I read all her books, and haven't found a new one in a long time. Whitney, My Love was one of my early forays into reading romance--I read science fiction and Westerns.I've only recently discovered Lisa Kleypas--her newest--Smooth Talking Stranger--sold me on her talent. Celia (thanks for mentioning my name.)