Monday, October 5, 2009

Welcome Guest Author - Anne Patrick

I'd to welcome fellow Desert Breeze Author, Anne Patrick who is here to tell us a little about her book, Journey to Redemption.
First of all I’d like to thank Stephanie for having me today. I’m thrilled for the opportunity to share with your readers a little about myself. I’m Anne Patrick, and I’m a ‘Sweet’ Romantic Suspense/Mystery writer. Meaning, there are no bedroom scenes in my stories. I know that may sound boring to a lot of people but I promise you my stories are far from boring. I grew up reading the sweet, Jane Austin, style romances and…well…I guess they just stuck with me. My heroines are strong-willed, often very opinionated, ladies who usually wind up in a big mess of trouble and need a handsome man to come along and bail them out—though they’d never admit to needing the help.

My first novel, Every Skull Tells a Story, was published two years ago and is available in print from, Barnes & Noble etc. Here’s a little blurb about it: Forensic Sketch Artist, Mackayla Kinsington, and FBI profiler, Galen Schroeder, team up to discover the identities of three bodies found at a U.S. senator's vacation home. When the killer realizes how good Mackayla is she becomes the next target.

My second novel, Journey to Redemption, just came out this month and is available in Ebook form from my publisher, Rogue Phoenix Press and on Amazon Kindle. Here’s a blurb about it:
Detective Morgan Reynolds thought her nightmare was over when serial killer Gerald ‘The Slasher’ Tate was sent to prison for her husband’s murder. But she was wrong. The Slasher has escaped and he’s making it even more personal this time. Tate has kidnapped her son and is giving her 72 hours to find the answers he wants or Jared dies.

I also have three more novels coming out next year. Ties That Bind (sometime after the first of the year) from Awe-Struck Publishing, Out of the Darkness (May 2010) from Champagne Books, and Fire and Ash (July 2010) from Desert Breeze.

Now one might wonder why so many different publishers. Well that resulted from a little challenge I made myself after being discouraged by many, many rejections from publishers and agents. About a year ago I decided that for every rejection I got I was going to send out three submissions. Then all of a sudden BOOM! A door opened and I was offered a contract, then another, and another, and before I knew it I had four. I thought…whoa…is this really happening? I still of course dream of someday making the NY times best seller list, but in the mean time I’m happy doing what I love to do and that is keeping people on the edge of their seats with one of my novels.

If you would like to learn more about me and my books, come visit me at You can read excerpts, sample chapters, and the latest reviews of my books.

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  1. Anne, thanks so much for sharing your books and your history when it comes to getting published. It's very inspirational. Keep trying. It will happen. Journey to Redemption sounds very suspenseful.