Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What I'm reading Tuesday - The Wicked Duke Takes a Wife

I just love Jillian Hunter. I first discovered her when I read "The Wicked Games of Gentleman" about Drake Boscastle and Eloise. For me, she had the perfect blend of plot, suspense, historical stuff, and romance. I've read her entires series. Some stories were hit or miss, some I really enjoyed, some not as much, but I love her writing. It's an easy style to read. Her latest book, "The Wicked Duke take a Wife" is one that I'm currently reading and enjoying.

The heroine is Harriet Gardner from Emma and Adrian's story. Harriet has cleaned up nicely at Emma's school and helps Charlotte. Enter Griffin Boscastle. He has just inherited the title of "Duke of Glenmorgan" He drops off his neice, Edlyn at Emma's academy and meets Harriet. Let's just say the soot flies between them.

The build between Griffin and Harriet is fun. Both are attracted to each, and each are haunted by demons. Hunter ties in the novel "Frankenstein" as well, giving the novel depth. I'm about 1/3 into the book. Harriet has gone to work for Griffin's aunt, Lady Powlis and Lady Powlis gives as good as she takes. And I can't help but cheer for Harriet. She's come a long way.

Any Boscastle fans out there?

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