Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday Promo - Midwest Book Review on Destination: Berlin

Destination: Berlin Midwest Book Review

Midwest Book Review
James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
278 Orchard Dr.
Oregon, WI 52575

Book Review for:
Destination: Berlin
SG Cardin
IUniverse Publishers
ISBN: 978-05-95164196
5 Stars

Honorable Mention winner of the 75th Annual Writer’s Digest Competition, SG Cardin presented Destination: Berlin, a suspenseful novel set in Cold War Germany. When Corporal Sharon Cates finds her train to Berlin derailed in the middle of communist East Germany, she discovers a top-secret document in her briefcase that both the KGB and Stasi are willing to kill for. A race to Berlin ensues, and Sharon receives help from the unlikeliest of sources, Russian soldier, Jr. Sgt. Dimitri Nagory. Inspired by the author’s own experiences taking a trip to Berlin, serving in the Army’s Military Police Corps and studying history, Destination: Berlin is a tautly written saga of mistrust, determination, and survival.

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