Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday's Reading - Under a Viking Moon

Ever have some books sneak up on you? That's how I feel about this one, "Under a Viking Moon," by Tami Dee.

The book is published by Desert Breeze Publishing and that's how I found out about it since Tami's a fellow Desert Breeze author. The initial attraction to me, was of course, the cover. It's gorgeous, PLUS it's got the moon on it and anyone who knows me knows I LOVE the moon. You can do so many things with it in your stories. hehe. (smiles)

So the cover had me intrigued. Sadly, restrictions on my time forced me to put it off and put it off and put it off until....

Tami posted an excerpt for her new book in the series, "Dawn of a Viking Sunrise" and I was like wow - I have to stop putting this off.

That day I went to the Kindle store and downloaded "Under a Viking Moon." It's the first book in the series and I figured I better start with the first book.

(Yes - it's an ebook and I'm reading it on my Kindle. I love my Kindle by the way and with a little help from Mobi Pocket, I can read PDF files, too.)

In the book, Jarl Leif is getting married in 900 AD. Unfortunately, his bride marries him attacks him and throws him overboard, leaving him for dead.

Leif turns up on the beach in San Franscisco in 2006. The woman giving him mouth to mouth is a DROP DEAD LOOK ALIKE for his traitorious bride.

After Leif and Katla get over their intial shock, Lief appears to be adjusting to life in 2006 with Katla's help.

I am really enjoying the story. I love time travel and I love historicals, for me, that's the appeal of the book. The characters are interesting and Leif gets a "Poor Leif" award from me for all that he's been through.

Kudos to Tami for putting together a great book. I'm where Katla is attacked at the dry cleaners. She's lost her job there and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Hopefully, my trainee won't come to work tonight...


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