Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Nip o' History Saturday - Queen in Waiting

I'd always been a little interested in History growing up the book that ignited my passion was called "Queen In Waiting" by Jean Plaidy. Jean Plaidy was a pen name for one of my favorite authors, Victoria Holt.

I discovered this book back in 1988 when I was waiting for the Berlin Duty Train in Bremerhaven in July. I sat in front of the Bahnhof, reading my book, so involved in the story, I hardly noticed the buzz around me.

Queen in Waiting is about George II and his romance with his wife, Caroline of Ansbach. It is the early 1700's and George Augustus is a young man in his early 20's and the Crown Prince of the Electorship of Hanover. George Augustus's father, George Lewis, the current Elector, is set to inherit the British throne since Anne Stewart has no heirs (And that's another fascinating story I can't wait to tell, but it's for another Saturday.)

George Lewis had a miserable marriage to George Augustus's mother, Sophia Doreathera. It was so miserable, he divorced her and put her up in Ahlen Tower where she lived a long life and died there. Because of this experience, he wanted his son, George Augustus to make a love match.

Personally speaking, that was RARE for royality and it was rare for a father to want his son to make a love match. That said George Lewis "pumped" his aged mother, the Dowager Electress Sophia for who might make a good match. She suggested Caroline of Ansbach. Ansbach was a small German city in southern Germany. Caroline was a noble lady and George Lewis thought she might work out for his son.

He dispatched George Augustus with his old governor to Ansbach. But there was a catch. George Augustus went in disguise. This way if he didn't like Caroline, he could refuse to marry her and no one would no the better.

When George Augustus met Caroline, who was his age, blonde, blue eyed and totally HOT he fell half way off the cliff. As he got to know her, he fell completely off. She was drop dead gorgeous and had a sweet, charming personality to boot. In haste, he left her, traveled to Hanover and told his father he wanted to marry her.

Immediately George Lewis dispatched a formal party to ask for her marriage. When Caroline was told the dashing young nobleman named Monsieur deBusch was really George Augustus, the crown prince of Hanover she said "yes!" to the marriage proposal. She had fallen completely in love with the young, dashing man herself.

If you want to read my historical fiction account of the "Royal Pretender," it will be in the upcoming Cupid Diaries put out through CRR.

Isn't love romantic?

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