Monday, May 24, 2010

Excerpt Monday - Royal Pretender

"Royal Pretender" is a historical fiction and recounts how George II met his wife, Caroline of Ansbach. In this excerpt, George escorts Caroline to her room.

“We should go in. Night will come soon. Can I show you to your rooms?” William asked.

“May I escort the princess to her room before she retires?” asked George, standing up. “I promise to be an upstanding gentleman.”

“If my brother has no objections,” Caroline said, lowering her eyes.

“I trust you, Monsieur de Busch, to keep your word,” said William, the tone of his voice firm, brooking no debate.

“I will.”

George stood up and held out his hand. Caroline took it and rose. They dropped hands and walked side by side into the castle, in front of William and von Eltz.

George was now nervous as Caroline walked up the staircase to her room. She was beyond every expectation he had. His grandmother would be delighted by his choice.

She paused at her door and he almost ran into her. They both stumbled back and hit the wall. Caroline softly laughed and George put one hand on her upper arm; with the other he grabbed her wrist and pulled her against his body so they were chest to chest. The smoldering embers of desire in her eyes had erupted into heavy flames. His breathing became ragged as did hers.

“Would you allow this humble pilgrim the softest caress of your rich, full lips?”

“It would be a sin to do so.”

“The sweetest sin, Princess,” he confirmed.

“I’ve never been kissed before.”

“Then I ask for humble permission to be the first.”

She opened her mouth, just barely, but no protest came out. His lips fell onto hers, basking in how firm and sweet she tasted. He delivered a feathery kiss, and as quickly as he touched her, he jerked away, afraid of the sudden hunger to have more.

“You are the fairest princess in Germany,” he huskily whispered. With that, he spun around on his heels and quickly departed to find his old governor.


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