Monday, May 10, 2010

Excerpt Monday - Royal Pretender

My story in the Cupid Diaries is called "Royal Pretender." It's a historical fiction about how George II met his wife, Caroline of Ansbach. In this excerpt, George mets Caroline for the first time.


As soon as George saw her, he couldn’t take his eyes off her. She walked into the room and everything brightened. He felt his lips curve into a daring smile. Her soft blonde hair shined in the rays of the lowering sun through the large bay window. The warm velvet of her dress heightened the translucence of her face and neck. His eyes lingered on her firm breasts. Perfectly shaped, perfectly round. Such curvy hips. The stories of her beauty had not been exaggerated. His body quickly reacted to the stunning princess. He blushed, hoping the princess would not notice.

When their stares met, he sensed a mix of emotions from her – sadness, curiosity, and excitement? Had he managed to affect her? Despite his lack of inches? Was she as nervous about meeting him as he was of her?

“Monsieur Pierre de Busch, my sister, Caroline Wilhelmina,” said William, smoothly.

Caroline curtsied and George felt shivers race down his spine at her grace. He waited for her to recover before he bowed.

Caroline swallowed, then smiled. When he stood up, she held out her hand, as was custom. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Monsieur de Busch.”

The minute he took her hand in his, a pulsing jolt of pleasure went rippling through him. By the sudden gleam in her eye, he knew she felt the same from their touch. With the softest kiss he could provide, his lips brushed against her knuckles. “The pleasure is mine, Princess Caroline,” his thick, deep voice purred. “It is an honor to meet you. This is a great moment for both of us.”

Caroline blushed before him and turned slightly away. “You’re welcome, kind de Busch. I’m delighted to see anyone from Hanover. Perhaps you have news of the Electress Sophia?”

“Perhaps I do,” said George, teasingly. Even now he longed to tell her that the Electress was his grandmother. Still, he had a part to play, and he could barely take his eyes away from her. George admired her more than any other woman he’d known. He had always favored blonde hair, blue eyes, and a curvy body, but she was the living fulfillment of everything he wanted in a woman. Now, if only she was pleasant and sweet. She must have a nice personality. He wouldn’t be married to a shrew that made his life miserable. Oh, he said a silent prayer that she was just as his grandmother described.


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