Sunday, May 23, 2010

Creative Blogger Award

I was given the Creative Blogger by Diane Craver and by Linda Banche. LK Hunsaker also gave me the Award. I consider both ladies good writing friends and unfortunately I haven't been able to put this up until now so forgive me.

My creative bloggers:

Liana Laverentz
Danielle Thorne
Maggie Toussaint
Mona Risk
Shawna K. Williams
LK Hunsaker
Nicole Zoltack

Now it's my turn to pick 7 other bloggers to receive the award. I also have to tell 1 lie and 6 truths about myself or 1 truth and 6 lies about myself. You guess which is which.

I'm going to pick 1 lie and 6 truths. Have fun with it.

Which one is the lie?

1. I work for LAPD as a 911 dispatcher.

2. I was an MP in the military.

3. I was married in Germany.

4. My favorite Soap Opera is As The World Turns.

5. I have a Kindle ebook reader.

6. My short story, "Spontaneous Decision" won 8th place in the 77th Annual Writer's Digest competition in the Mainstream/Literary category.

7. My latest release is a paranormal romance called "The Hungarian."

If you can pick the "bold faced" lie *grin* I'll send you a free read, "Under A Christmas Moon," a short story read that takes place after "The Hungarian" invovling Matthias and Kate. Get a peek at "happy ever after" for them.



  1. I love this game! My guess is that the lie is about the Kindle. You don't have one yet but really want one?

  2. Good try, ladies. My bold faced lie: I was married in Germany. I actually go married in Denmark. I have a Kindle and love it - especially text to speech.