Monday, May 17, 2010

Excerpt Monday - The Hungarian

Here's an excerpt from my latest release, "The Hungarian." Sign up to FOLLOW me here on blogspot between now and Friday, 22 MAY and be eligable to win a $6.00 GC from Desert Breeze. Smiles, Steph


Martin struck up the guitar and she kept the beat with her tambourine. Matthias hardly felt rusty even though it had been two years since he had danced the Verbunkos. He easily kept time with the music. The dance involved a lot of jumping as well as clapping. He centered the dance around Resa spinning and twirling around her. It allowed him to keep his concentration on the dance. The music built to a fast pace and then stopped suddenly. Matthias ended the dance with a quick jump and fell to Resa's feet.

"Bravo, Count Duma!" Resa exclaimed.

Matthias got to his feet and smiled. Paul, Liz, and Katherine all clapped.

"Well done, Matthias!" cried Paul. "I've never seen a dance like that."

"Now it's time for you and Miss Archibald to dance," said Resa.

Katherine waved her hands. "I couldn't dance that."

"You don't have to. We can dance the Csándás," said Matthias.

Resa clapped her hands again. "Yes, it's perfect."

"I don't know how."

"I'll show you," said Resa.

"Go on, Kate," said Liz, smiling. "Give it a try."

Katherine took Matthias's hand, and he helped her to her feet. Martin and János played their music at a slow tempo. Resa showed her a couple of steps at a time. It took about ten minutes, but Katherine seemed to pick it up. Matthias danced it slow for her the first time. There wasn't much jumping, but it was a rather square-type dance, and there was clapping involved. When the song ended, Resa approached.

"Let me dance with Count Duma at the normal pace. Watch me. Try to twirl the skirt when I do."

Katherine nodded her head. Again, the music started, and Matthias danced with Resa. From time to time Resa would look at Katherine to make sure she was watching.
Matthias was pleased at how Resa was trying to help Katherine learn the dance.
The dance finished in a flurry of moves, with Matthias wrapping his hands around Resa's waist and Resa resting her head against his shoulder. She quickly parted from him and looked at Katherine. "Remember, it starts off slow but builds up to a quick ending."

"All right," Katherine said.

Matthias took Katherine's hand again. The music began. They danced in front of the fire. Liz and Paul clapped to the beat. They danced around the pit, laughing and clapping. The guitar played faster, the flute hit higher notes. Resa sang in Hungarian. They danced quicker, and when the Csándás ended, Resa threw powder into the fire. The fire crackled. It hissed loudly and then the flames turned colors -- purple, blue, green, and white before slowly returning to yellow. Matthias held Katherine tight against his muscular body. He felt her heart pulsing with energy just like his was.


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  1. Excerpt is great - I want to read this story.

    I gave you an award - visit my blog for directions. Thanks.

  2. I think you have a great story there. Where do I find your book at? I would love to read more. Sorry I'm a Wal Mart shopper and that is where I get my books. If it is a Barnes and Noble or Amazon I will see what I can swing after the move. :-)

  3. Diane, thanks so much. I've been swamped this week and it's been !heck! trying to keep up. I hope to get your blog award up this weekend.

    Sadly no, it's in WalMart. You can download it from Amazon if you're an Amazon shopper. Thanks for popping in.

    Congrats to Jennifer Shirk who signed up to follow me and is the winner of my $6.00 GC to Desert Breeze Publishing. Jennifer, send me an email at or with your contact info and I'll get that GC out to you!