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Character Interview with Mihai Sigmaringen from "The Wolf's Torment"

ABOUT THE WOLF'S TORMENT: It's 1865 in Moldavia, a country nestled against the shores of the Black Sea, and Crown Prince Mihai Sigmaringen returns after receiving an education in England. His best friend, Viktor Bacau joins him. Mihai is intent on modernizing his nation, but he's also a witch, and it's time he embraces his heritage. The tasks in front of him are many including getting married.

Lady Theresa von Kracken arrives in Constanta as Mihai's intended. Mihai has vowed not to fall in love again, but Theresa manages to break the battlements around his heart.

In an unfortunate twist of fate, Viktor is bitten by a werewolf. Viktor's transformation threatens everyone around him including his wife's safety and Mihai's happiness with Theresa. Viktor's bite is the wolf's torment.

Interviewer: Mihai, How did you find out you were a witch?

Mihai: I've always known. My mother was a very powerful witch who practiced white magic, but she was killed by a dark witch, Hecuba, when I was ten. I had no desire to explore this part of my heritage until recently.

Interviewer: How did your parents meet?

Mihai: When my father was the Crown Prince of Moldavia he met my mother while attending a grand ball in Wallachia. My mother was a gypsy witch, promised into servitude by her father to Hecuba. My mother did everything she could to avoid serving Hecuba and that night, she had run away from her father. The moment my father saw her, he knew she was the only woman for him. She was honest about her plight and he hid her, contriving a false royal identify for her and then marrying her.

Interviewer: What piqued your curiosity about your heritage?

Mihai: My dreams I shared with Theresa von Kracken sparked my interest, but I have to learn to protect my family.

Interviewer: And who might this Theresa be?

Jon Hensley circa 1985
inspiration for "Mihai"

Mihai: Theresa is my fiancée. She's very attractive and I enjoy spending time with her. She's a breath of fresh air, but I fear I'm not as attentive as I'd like to be. I care for her very much, but I need to find the right words to tell her.

Interviewer: Is Theresa a witch like you?

Mihai: She is, but she doesn't know she is. Her family is a royal witching family, but her father has decreed she's not to know about her heritage.

Interviewer: So, you're keeping secrets from your fiancée?

Mihai: I'm not happy about it, but I'm honoring my future father-in-law's request. The situation is complicated.

Interviewer: How is it complicated?

Mihai: My best friend, Viktor, is being stalked by a werewolf – and my sister, Sonia, is madly in love with him.

Interviewer: Sounds like you've got your hands full.

Mihai: Yes, and I must learn my lessons well –and quickly.

Interviewer: Who is giving you witching lessons?

Mihai: Theresa's sister, Beatrice.

Interviewer: Do you think your mother would be proud of you?

Mihai: There's never a time when my mother is far from my thoughts. I want to be the kind of witch she was and I hope I live up to those expectations.

Pen & Muse: "A complete werewolf story through and through, Burkhart does it again with an amazing cast of characters, entertaining dialogue and plot."

Long and Short, 4.5 Stars: Nominated for Long & Short's Book of the Week, NOV 2011. The Wolf’s Torment is certainly more than a story about a werewolf. There is quite a bit of depth in this multifaceted story of a family’s struggle with life, love and loss.

Reader's Favorites, 5 Stars: "The Wolf’s Torment has it all, witches, werewolves, a vampire, princess and prince. This is paranormal romance at its finest.

Joy Cagil, Amazon Reader, 5 Stars: This novel is not only a highly entertaining page-turner but also it boasts its author's mastery of fiction. I loved it."

Dina Hickman, Amazon Reader: "Stephanie creates the perfect blend of romance and suspense in her novel, "The Wolf's Torment."

Romance Reviews: 3 Stars: "I would highly recommend THE WOLF'S TORMENT. You will find it satisfying, even as it leaves you hungering for more."

Keena Kincaid, Amazon Review, 5 Stars: "Ancient heritage and modern technology collide in the dark, tense tale The Wolf's Torment by Stephanie Burkhart."

Mona Risk, Amazon Review: 5 Stars: "I enjoyed this book enormously and read it in one sitting."



Her voice was matter-of-fact, pricking at his faults, but damn if she wasn't beautiful in the firelight. The rest of his plans for the evening could wait.

He held up his glass. "Would you like a drink?"

"What is it?"


She clapped her hands and a smile tipped the corner of her lips. "I've never tried it, but it smells like it would be an interesting adventure."

He chuckled at her lightheartedness and went to the hidden bar, disguised as a closed shelf in the library walls, and removed a clean glass. He poured her the drink and gave it to her, his eyes sweeping over her face, probing her soul. Her emotions were an open book.

Jennifer Ferrin inspiration
for "Theresa"

She wanted him to touch her. She ached for it. She wanted him to drive the loneliness away. The thought of sharing a more intimate embrace with her was enticing. He held up his drink and they clicked glasses, sipping the amber liquid.

She didn't gag or choke, but swallowed hard and narrowed her eyes. "What a crisp adventure. I do believe it's warming my stomach."

He chuckled and held out his hand. She gave him the glass. He put it on the desk, then leaned against it again.

A burning curious look came into her eyes.

"Come here." His voice was raw and husky. She walked toward him slowly, her hips swaying.

"What are you thinking?"

"I'm sorry you were lonely."

She stopped in front of him and he lunged out and grabbed her waist, pulling her closer, settling her between his legs. Her body pressed against his and she put her hands on his chest.
For an instant, an intensity stole into her expression, an intensity he hadn't spotted before.

"I don't believe I've ever been this close to you."

"No, I don't believe you have either, but I rather enjoy it. I hope you do as well."

"Lent starts tomorrow."

"What do you say we do a little sinning tonight so we have something to be penitent for?"

Her face grew eager at the suggestion. Damn. His blood raced through his veins as his heart hammered in his chest. Desire for her overtook his senses. He had an intense awareness of her thrumming through his body.

"Such naughty thoughts, my Prince."

Desire smoldered in her eyes. He wanted to kindle that into a raging fire. For him alone. He claimed her sweet lips, crushing her against his body. She slid her hands up his chest and clutched his shoulders. Her body tensed, needing release. He deepened the kiss, refusing to let her escape. God, no, he refused to let his woman out of his arms. Mihai traced the soft fullness of her lips and she parted her mouth for him. Lord, her mouth was soft and sweet and giving. His tongue explored the recesses of her mouth, coaxing her to explore his.











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