Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Writing Tips & Newsletter News

Well, today I thought I'd share an excerpt from my upcoming Official Newsletter about romance and the romantic man. The article discusses how to craft the perfect romantic man for your story.

If you'd like to sign up for my Official Newsletter, I put it out monthly and this month the newsletter is due out in two days. (it was a little delayed this month because of my vacation)

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The newsletter covers genre writing tips, offers excerpts of my stories, lists upcoming events and announcements, gives my writing credits, has book reviews, a look at the news in the publishing industry which effects writers and takes a peek a literary agent blogs. There's a lot of stuff in there for the aspiring writer.


Here's my excerpt:

The Picture of a Romantic Man

When we think of what a romantic man looks like, both alpha and beta heroes share traits. They’re strong, broad shouldered, well toned, with long legs and thin hips. The alpha usually takes on a few more “darker” characteristics, such as a feral gleam or a mercurial stare, as they tend to be more dominant. Imagery can include that of a majestic lion, or the king of his pride. Alpha heroes may tend to take on a more saturnine appearance as well. For alphas, mercurial eyes, feral smiles and saturnine cheeks all tend to show dominance.

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