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Book Review Friday - I Only Have Fangs For You

Well, it's Book Review Friday, and I thought I'd share this book review with you. I've been a fan of Kathy's since the Stepp Sister series. With her "fangs" series, she ventured out into the realm of paranormal romance and I found this one the most enjoyable of the Young Brothers.


Book Review for: “I Only Have Fangs For You.”

Written by: Kathy Love

Kensington Publishing

ISBN: 0-7583-1135

296 pages


5 Stars

Kathy Love weaves a suspenseful tale of paranormal romance in “I Only Have Fangs For You.” This is the third installment of her Young vampire series, but it is the most rewarding. Sebastian vows to never fall in love, because, for him, forever is a long time. When he meets Wilhelmina Weiss, he meets his match. Sebastian doesn’t plan on falling for the vampire waif, but there’s something about Mina that gets under his skin – and fangs.

The novel starts with Mina working as a waitress for Sebastian’s club, Carfax Abby. She’s also a member of a supernatural society who is trying to sabotage Sebastian’s business. Mina, however is a poor saboteur and every attempt is thwarted by her lack of the vampire world. Finally, Sebastian learns she’s the one who has been trying to sabotage his club and confronts her. Mina admits to her crimes and strikes a deal with Sebastian. He won’t bite anyone for a month while he shows her what it’s like to be a vampire. She agrees. The society is “pleased” with Mina’s success.

Mina reveals to Sebastian that her cross over was not a pleasant experience. A vampire named Dontello crossed her over in the early 1900’s. Mina was a young virgin from a well-to-do family who institutionalized her because they couldn’t deal with her claims that she was a vampire. Mina stayed there for several decades until Dr. Fowler, a well renowned vampire scientist saved her. She survived on cow and pig’s blood. Her story accounts for her pale, tiny appearance and her ignorance over her vampire powers. Sebastian is rocked to hear her heartbreaking story.

His lessons begin in earnest. He shows her how to use her powers to read emotions and feel those around her. He teaches her how to “tune out” others. She’s a fast study. Sebastian’s growing feelings for her lead to several hot kisses, but Mina pushes him away, not quite ready for that.

Soon, Sebastian learns that Dontello, who turned Mina, was not graceful when he crossed her over. Mina is terrified to be bitten. Knowing this, Sebastian grows gentle and soon their smoldering kisses lead to more – Sebastian and Mina make love without biting each other. Mina admits to falling in love with him, but Sebastian can’t say the words back. Mina deals with it. She wants only what he can offer.

A member of the society, Daniel, shows up at Sebastian’s club, and threatens him. Mina lies to Daniel, but Sebastian overhears and misunderstands. He breaks up with Mina. Daniel turns out to be Dontello, and confronts Mina in an abandoned warehouse. Mina connects with Sebastian through his mind and calls for his help. He arrives, and Mina kills Dontello in self defense. Sebastian admits his love for her.

Sebastian was very likable and romantic. The novel is fast paced and moves quickly. The plot is credible. Mina’s back story was fleshed out very well. I really liked Mina as a heroine because I liked the fact she started out on an “even” playing field as a vampire. I also enjoyed the bonding scenes between Mina and Sebastian very much. They were very substantial and really helped to ground the couple.

The supporting cast is engaging and interesting. It was good to see Rhys and Christian again, and to know they were happy. Love’s love scenes are passionate, yet tasteful; erotic and sensual. The scene where Sebastian takes Mina’s virginity is highly erotic.

“I Only Have Fangs For You,” is a romance that will keep the reader turning the page.

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