Thursday, July 2, 2009

Catalina Island

I thought I'd share a couple of thoughts about a California gem - Catalina Island. Enclosed is a pic from last year. The USC band is opening up the Golf Cart parade which occurs every year on the 4th of July.

I love Catalina Island.

Heck, I've always loved being around the water. Where I grew up in NH, I was only an 1 hour away from the Atlantic Ocean. Here in California, I'm only an hour from the Pacific Ocean. It's nice to be near the ocean in my new home.

Why do I love Catalina Island? The temperture is mild, the sun shines often, and it's a nice low key escape from the hectic California lifestyle. Avalon is the "city" on Catalina. There's a good sized bay full of ships. My first trip to Catalina was in 2000 - Brent and I went for the 4th of July - before kids. We watched the golf cart parade, had a BBQ buffet dinner at the casino and watched fireworks over the bay. The ambience of the occasion made it very special to me. I always wanted to get back, but we didn't have an opportunity until 2007. We went with the boys. Joe was a very small baby and very managable. We went in 2008 and we're leaving tomorrow to spend the 4th of July weekend in Catalina. I can't wait. Joe will probably be a handful, we'll see. He's 2 1/2 now. Time will tell.

There's plenty to do - fish, kayak, swim, golfing, take trips around Avalon and even into the interior. There's a small airport at the highest peak on the island.

The island has a rich history. It was developed by the Wrigley's in the early 1900's. At one time it was the spring training camp of the Chicago Cubs.

If you ever get a chance and you're in California try to fit in a day trip to Catalina & Avalon.


  1. Steph-I've been to numerous places in Californa, but never Catalina Island. I think it appeared in a lot of old movies, otherwise I would never have heard of it, living in Texas. Now, I could tell you about Mustang Island on the gulf coast of Texas, and while it wouldn't be Catalina,it is a great vacation spot. Thanks for the "mini-vacation."Celia

  2. Sure Steph, add to my growing list of need-to-see places. ;-)

  3. It's a nice place to relax, Loraine. Hope to see you there! hehe