Friday, July 31, 2009

Book Review Friday - Suddenly You

Here's a review of Lisa Kleypas. Enjoy. I love her romance stories.

Book Review for: “Suddenly You”
Written By: Lisa Kleypas
Avon Books
ISBN: 0-380-80232-5
375 pages
5 Stars

Lisa Kleypas, A New York Times bestselling author, crafts a masterful historical romance with “Suddenly You.” Kleypas is a skillful plotter. “Suddenly You” is a book the reader can’t put down.

The novel starts in 1835 against the backdrop of London’s fast moving society. Jack Devlin is a young, successful publisher, bastard son of an Earl who grew up at an abusive school. He enjoys the company of the female sex, but doesn’t want to lose his heart to a woman.

Amanda Briars is a successful novelist – a rare accomplishment for a woman in her time, but after carrying for her sick parents, Amanda is past what everyone considers her prime – she’s thirty. Amanda’s settled into the fact that she’s a spinster. Against her better judgment, she visits a high-priced bordello. She wants to hire a man to have sex with her on her birthday. The madam, Mrs. Bradshaw, arranges for Jack, unwittingly, to meet with Amanda.

Jacks wants to meet Amanda because he wants to publish a novel she wrote. When she opens the door, there’s some serious miscommunication between them and Jack takes advantage of Amanda’s plight. The would-be lovers kiss and grow amorous, but Jack calls it off before going too far. When he leaves, Amanda secretly hopes to see him again.

The next time Jack and Amanda meet it’s in a business setting. Amanda is embarrassed, but Jack is thrilled. He loves Amanda’s writing and offers her a contract she can’t refuse. Soon, they begin working together as writer/editor and their chemistry is undeniable. After attending Jack’s Christmas party, Amanda gives into the passion between her and Jack. The couple make love, but Amanda, wanting to guard her heart, makes Jack agree to a three month affair.

Both Jack and Amanda enjoy their passionate lovemaking. During an evening out, they make love in a small parlor, however, Jack is careless and Amanda is soon pregnant.

Knowing how Jack feels about marriage, she tries to keep the truth from him, but when she attempts to marry someone else, Jack refuses to let her. He marries her after she confesses the truth about the baby. Amanda is still unsure about the situation, but their marriage and their willingness to admit their love is tested when Amanda loses the baby.

Kleypas is a master at description, painting 1830’s London with broad, yet vivid words that easily allow the reader to picture the backdrop of the story. Her love scenes are tantalizing. Kleypas writes in a “Lonesome Dove” perspective which switches point of view without line breaks or clear divisions which some readers might find disconcerting. Her dialogue is “spot on,” for the time period. The plot and pacing are perfect, allowing the reader to slow down and get a breath before accelerating again. “Suddenly You” is a delicious way to spend a rainy weekend.

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