Friday, July 24, 2015

Christmas in July: 99 cent contemporary romance: Christmas in Bayeux #christmasinjuly

Travel to Bayeux, France and enjoy this snippet from my 99 cent Christmas romance, "Christmas in Bayeux."


The ravages of war have taken their toll on Aiden. Seeking peace, he has traveled to Bayeux, France, on a pilgrimage of sorts. Noel, a former exchange student who spent time with his family years before, provides him a place to stay at the old manor she has turned into an inn. 

The attraction they felt nine years before at the tender age of sixteen flares to life as they spend time together and prepare the inn for Christmas. But there has been so much loss and grief for Aiden. 
Will Noel be able to help him feel again and can Aiden find what he is searching for?


Aiden drew in a deep breath. "Say, isn't Christmas around the corner? Where's your tree? Your decorations?"

She waved her hand. "I usually put my tree up the night before."

"Oh, that's no fun. Don't you have an advent calendar?"

"Not since I was a girl."

"You need some Christmas spirit, Noel."

She pointed a finger at her chest, finding his statement incredulous. "Me? I need Christmas spirit?"

"It's a week away."

"Tomorrow we are going to get a tree and decorations."

"It's too soon," she protested.
"Not where I come from."
"This is France."

"Humor me, please."

Noel cracked a smile. He'd worn her down and he knew it. Preparing for Christmas would be fun – especially with a friend. "All right. Tomorrow we go Christmas shopping. Today, we visit my surprise."

His grin was boyishly affectionate and it warmed her heart to see him come alive again.



5 Stars, Karen Michelle Nut, Amazon Reviewer: "A tender romance sure to warm your hearts any time of the year." 

5 Stars, Markee Anderson, Amazon Reviewer: "A wonderful and heartwarming read."

5 Stars, M. Fullerton, Amazon Reviewer: "Charming characters!" 

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