Friday, July 10, 2015

Christmas in July: 99 cent contemporary romance: Christmas in Bayeux #christmasinjuly

Travel to Bayeux, France and enjoy this snippet from my 99 cent Christmas romance, "Christmas in Bayeux."


The ravages of war have taken their toll on Aiden. Seeking peace, he has traveled to Bayeux, France, on a pilgrimage of sorts. Noel, a former exchange student who spent time with his family years before, provides him a place to stay at the old manor she has turned into an inn. 

The attraction they felt nine years before at the tender age of sixteen flares to life as they spend time together and prepare the inn for Christmas. But there has been so much loss and grief for Aiden. 
Will Noel be able to help him feel again and can Aiden find what he is searching for?

He pulled up into the courtyard and Noel directed him toward the auto shed next to the manor. She got out of the car and went to the chain pull next to the garage door. The door slowly lifted up. Aiden drove the car inside and walked out, clutching a duffle bag over his shoulder. Noel yanked on the pull, closing the door.

"You don't have an automatic opener?" he asked.

"It's on my to-do list." They walked through the front door and were greeted by Annabelle, the maid.  Noel and Annabelle conversed in French and Annabelle took both their coats and hung them up in a nearby closet.

"Aiden—" Noel stopped. She saw his eyes raking over the second story staircase, the ancient tapestries on the wall, and the candlelight chandelier in the hallway.

She put her hand on his arm. Now that he had his winter coat off, she saw that he was well-muscled, lean, with long legs. He was also as warm as a tinderbox, and even more attractive than she remembered. "Aiden?"

He stepped toward her. A broad, awestruck look descended over him. "This is amazing. It's history come alive."

She arched an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"It's filled with history. We have nothing like this in the States." He paused and looked directly into her eyes. "It's beautiful."

Noel felt her cheeks tingle from the heartfelt compliment. "Thank you. Come. I'll show you to your room."

Aiden followed her up the stairs. She took him down the west wing to the last room on the right. He followed her inside. A wide bed was in the middle of the room. Noel went to the window and pulled the curtains apart, revealing a view of the coastline.

"Come here," she said.

Aiden took the spot next to her, putting his hand in the middle of her back. She inhaled sharply at the unexpected contact. Warm shivers rippled through her. She nipped at her lower lip, trying to maintain her focus. "See in the distance? That built-up ridge has several German gun bunkers."

He flashed her a smile filled with admiration. "Thank you for being so thoughtful."
"You're welcome."

"I want you to go to the beach with me tomorrow."
"Are you sure?"
"Then I will."



5 Stars, Karen Michelle Nut, Amazon Reviewer: "A tender romance sure to warm your hearts any time of the year." 

5 Stars, Markee Anderson, Amazon Reviewer: "A wonderful and heartwarming read."

5 Stars, M. Fullerton, Amazon Reviewer: "Charming characters!" 

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