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Christmas in July: 1.99 contemporary romance - The Faberge Secret #ChristmasinJuly

Enjoy this snippet from my 1.99 Christmas romance, "The Faberge Secret."


Elise Goodwin operates a heritage museum in Brattleboro, Vermont. Needing to buy some items for her museum, she travels to Boston and acquires a delicious surprise that would excite any curator – a Faberge Egg.
Enter Russian businessman Dimitri Romanov, the true owner of the jewel. He's following a lead hoping to reacquire his stolen egg when he bumps into Elise. He can't hide his attraction to the petite brunette with doe-like eyes.
Dimitri's rival, Gustav Kelch, wants the rare Faberge jewel and will do anything to find it, including destroying Dimitri's life. Can Dimitri keep Elise and his Faberge heirloom safe or will his attraction place their lives in jeopardy?
This excerpt: Elise shows Dimitri her history museum. 

The air between them grew thick with worry, and Dimitri thought it would be best to lighten it. "The museum has an old fashioned feel to it. Do I get a tour?"

"All right." She unlocked the door with her key and led him inside. She made sure to lock the door after them. "The museum is closed for the week because of the holidays."

Dimitri nodded and walked around the wide, spacious main room. Elise was proud of her exhibits. She had a colonial kitchen, an old flag of Vermont, a tobacco exhibit, a bedroom, and several period costumes. The museum also contained displays of postcards, books about colonial New England, and a few souvenir gifts for sale.

"Did you do this yourself?" he asked.

She smiled. "I did. I received a grant from the University of Vermont, so I'm affiliated with them, but this is all mine."

"You should be proud of your work. I want to take you to the Imperial Romanov museum in St. Petersburg. I know you'll appreciate it."

She was thrilled to know he wanted to show her his world. "I look forward to it. We have to go through the back to get to the stairs to my apartment."

Dimitri followed her through a door that led to the back. The room contained various boxes and several artifacts. The scent of leather hung in the air. They went through a second door and reached a hallway. Elise climbed the steps and unlocked the door to her apartment. Dimitri followed her.

"It's small, but I'm happy with it. The living room has a view of Main Street, the kitchen's to the rear, and my bedroom's down the hall. The bathroom is in here." Elise pointed to the first door in the hallway.

Dimitri walked to the bay windows and peered out. Elise stepped up beside him. The street lamps had come on. Passersby shuffled down the road.

"Main Street doesn't really quiet down until nine. People are still out doing their Christmas shopping," Elise said.

"I will have to go shopping for you tomorrow."

She smiled her pleasure, delighted he wanted to get her a Christmas gift. During moments like this, she believed Dimitri really wanted her -- and not just because she had his egg. "I like Bath and Body, I'm a sucker for movie tickets, and I won't turn down my birthstone."

He placed his overnight bag in a chair next to the window. "And that would be?" 

"A pearl. I was born in June."

"June what?"
"The seventh."

Amusement flickered in his eyes. "I was born on November seventh."

She smiled. "I just might have to get you a belated present since we're... dating."

"Well, I like to collect calendars from different places, wearing scarves, and I wouldn't

mind having an e-reader," Dimitri said.

"I'll keep that mind. Do you want the couch or the bed?"

"I would never sleep in a lady's bed unless she asked me to." His blue eyes probed her to her soul. Damn if tingling didn't begin in the pit of her stomach.

"Ah, I'm not quite ready for that."

"Then the couch it is."

"I'll call for take-out. Do you like Italian?" He eased into a smile. "That's fine." 

4 Stars, Manic Readers
"A satisifying read."

4 Stars, Night Owl Book Reviews
The Faberge Secret is a fast paced, delightful adventure with plenty of love and adventure sprinkled in for spice.
3.5 Stars, Long & Short Reviews

"All this suspense had me flying through the pages so quickly I was able to read the book in one sitting." 


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  1. A man with the name Dimitri just sounds like he can take care of himself! All the best!

  2. I love the excerpt. The dialogue is charming and natural with a hint of sexuality. I'd love to see just such a museum

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