Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Time for Thin Mints #girlscoutcookies

Girl Scouts in NH selling cookies

Girl Scout cookies rocks! There’s a great variety and every box sold supports a great cause – scouting. While I don’t have a girl scout, I buy way too many boxes each season. The boxes I don’t eat, I share with coworkers or donate to charity.
Every February the Girl Scouts sell cookies. It’s a great way to support the organization. Local troops receive 10-15 percent, the council receives approximately 50% and the rest goes to the manufacturer. 
Trivia: What are the two most popular cookies?
The Girl Scouts of America contracts with 2 national commercial bakeries: Little Brownie Bakers which is owned by Kelloggs and ABC Bakers owned by George Weston Limited. ABC Bakers has been making Girl Scout cookies since 1936.
It wasn’t all so complicated. The Mistletoe Troop in Muskogee, Oklahoma was the first troop to bake cookies in 1917 as a service project using the high school kitchen.
Did you know? All Girl Scout cookies are kosher. 
Pretty quickly, the Girl Scouts realized baking cookies was a great way to fundraise. In the early days, they sold door-to-door. Prices were .25 to .35 a dozen! Selling cookies helped the girls develop their business and marketing skills. In 1936, they started using national commercial bakeries to bake their cookies. By the 1950’s 3 varieties were sold – thin mints, peanut butter sandwiches, and shortbread.

Trivia: When was the “Samoa” added to the cookie catalog?
In the 2000’s, the Girl Scouts began using a healthier cookie formula due to the trans fats uproar. Also, the cookie size became smaller due to higher production costs.
Trivia: What is the highest number of boxes sold in a season?
A: 10,000
B: 18,000
C: 5,000
Question: What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie? How many boxes do you usually buy a season? 


  1. It has been many years since my daughter was a Girl Scout and sold cookies. Thin Mints were always a family favorite, but all of them delicious! Unfortunately only my hubby and me now and avoiding fats and sugars mostly, so those cookies are just a sweet memory!

  2. I buy the Samoas for my kids. Hubby doesn't want cookies in the house and since my children are older and in college the cookies are a great treat!

  3. I was a Girl Scout for a lot of years until I earned Curved Bar at age 15. I've certainly sold my share of cookies. They were 50 cents a box. Thin mints were the favorites. I had no idea Girl Scout cookies are Kosher.
    A wonderful bit of information about Girl Scouts, Steph.

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. Gosh, Sarah, I wish they were 50 cent a book today! I'm a Samoa fan myself, with thin mints a close 2nd. This year, they're retailing for 5.00 a box where I'm at.