Thursday, February 13, 2014

Super Book Blast for: Summertime Dream by Babette James #superbookblast #goddessfish


The Fourth of July is over, but for these summer lovers the fireworks have just begun.

An unexpected inheritance brings business consultant Christopher Gordon from Los Angeles to quaint Falk’s Bend. He’s carved a week from his demanding schedule to list his great-grandparents’ house for sale and explore his roots. However, disturbing family secrets and the sweet temptation of writer Margie Olsson derail his plans, challenging him to seize the elusive dream missing from his hectic life — love.

A recent brush with death shook Margie’s life, but not her dreams and she’s ready to move forward. Only, standing up to her loving, over-protective family isn’t easy. Helping Christopher explore the derelict mansion and unravel his grandmother’s mysterious past should be a harmless fun taste of independence. But when her experimental summer fling ignites into unexpected love, how can her small town dreams work with his big city life?



Margie laughed. “Of course, in my dreams it was a bit less rundown.”

“I’d imagine so. Interested in buying?”

“Oh, if only I could, I would in an instant. I’m sure the property alone is worth far more than I can afford.  It’s a huge piece of land. And the repairs and restoration...” Longing swelled. She sighed. Someone else would buy and live in her dream home.

Quiet fell between them for a while. Bees buzzed in the clover. Birds sang, chirped, and flitted. A hummingbird whizzed past. Two more ducks joined the first amid quiet bickering quacks. Dandelion fluff drifted by on an unfelt breeze.

A truck rattled down the lane, breaking the moment.

“Suppose we ought to head back...” Christopher turned, so close their arms brushed, but instead of retreating, he hesitated. Their eyes locked. Where dismay and frustration had filled his green eyes, want simmered. The heavy air electrified.

You need a change.

On a surge of bewildering crazy courage, she stretched up and kissed him. The brief brush of lips to lips left her shaken and her heart pounding, like she had  just come up for air.

His eyes widened in his serious, craggy face.

No, oh, no. Blowing out an unsteady breath, she pressed a hand to her stomach. She’d carried her day’s adventure one impetuous step too far. Her heroines were the daring part of her. She’d never even kissed on a first date before, and this wasn’t even a date.

Before the apology fluttering in her mind could break free, he cupped her cheek and touched his mouth down on hers.


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Babette James writes sweetly scorching contemporary romance and loves reading nail-biting tales with a satisfying happily ever after. When not dreaming up stories, she enjoys playing with new bread recipes and dabbling with paints. A teacher, she loves encouraging new readers and writers as they discover their growing abilities. Her class cheers when it’s time for their spelling test! Born in New Jersey and raised in Southern California, she’s had a life-long love of the desert and going down the shore. Babette now lives in New Jersey with her wonderfully patient husband and extremely spoiled cats.

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  1. Babette, thanks so much for being here today. I'm looking forward to reading the story. I have to ask, what was in the inspiration behind the novel?


  2. Thanks for hosting! Readers, the book is FREE on Amazon!

  3. Hi, Stephanie. Summertime Dream was a story that I had never intended to write. lol I was taking a little mental break from writing the intended next novel in this series, and was playing around with some scraps of scenes set around the Fourth of July, when the idea hit me that this was possibly perfect for a fun little story of how Christopher and Margie met the summer before the events in Clear As Day.

    Well, my characters had other plans and had far more to tell than a short story. My sweet happy couple had shadows in their pasts and problems to resolve. I absolutely loved writing their novel and watching the two learn what they needed in their lives as they dealt with the house, her family, the mystery of Christopher’s grandmother, and fell headlong into love.

    1. It's always interesting to hear the inspiration behind stories. Thanks for sharing Babette. I'm looking forward to reading your story!


  4. Hi, Ella! So nice to see you here today. Thanks for the tweet. :)

  5. The excerpt has some great visual and auditory descriptions, putting the reader right there in the setting!

    Morgan Mandel

  6. Very beautiful cover. I loved the excerpt too!

    1. I agree, Melissa! The cover is gorgeous. Very eye-catching.


  7. Loved the excerpt. Made me wish for summer.

  8. Hi, Morgan, so glad you enjoyed it!

  9. Thanks, Melissa! I love my cover. They did a great job capturing what I envisioned.

  10. Thanks, Debbie. Definitely a day today where we need a little summer. :)

  11. Terrific excerpt! Thanks for hosting.
    ~Carole Avila

  12. Hi, Linda, thank! I loved writing that scene.