Monday, February 10, 2014

Just in time for the Winter Olympics in SOCHI! 99 cent sweet contemporary romance: 

Will Famke and Christian make the Pairs ice skating team for the Netherlands or will their attraction get in the way? 

Five 5 Star Reviews. "A well written story I couldn't put down. - Delores Goodrick Beggs.

A Jimmy Thomas cover!  Avail for your Kindle.

Maks rubbed his chin with his finger, deep in thought. "Do you remember your short program?"
"Skate it for me."
Famke glanced at Chris and his smile grew, revealing that dimple she liked. Encouraged, she went onto the ice, set herself in the middle of the rink, then began the routine. She performed her step sequence with precision and her jumps flawlessly. When she finished, Chris clapped, beaming with enthusiasm. She skated to the side. Maks grunted. She hoped he approved.
"In pairs skating you must allow your partner to throw you and lift you. I will teach you. Can you do this?"
She glanced at Chris. "Yes, of course."
Chris' expression sobered a bit.
Maks pointed to Chris. "I want a simple pair spin and then throw her into a salchow jump."
"All right." He offered his palm to Famke and she grasped his hand. His skin was cold, but a warm pulse of attraction rushed down her arm.
Chris leaned close. "I'll put my hands on your waist and throw you. Don't be afraid if you can't get the landing right away. We have to learn each other's rhythms."
"I'll be fine," she replied.
First they worked on the spin, and after a few minutes they found the balance in their rotational speed. Famke glanced at Maks and Stephen. Her brother grinned from ear-to-ear, but Maks frowned and rubbed his chin, scowling.
Famke skated away from Chris, then re-approached, building speed, remaining completely focused, having never been thrown before. Chris reached out, grabbed her waist, lifted her, and threw her. Famke liked the height, performed the salchow, but her landing was too hard. She stumbled, but remained on her feet. Chris skated to her and grasped her arm. She righted herself. Their eyes locked. Famke discovered Chris' expression was filled with deep concern. 
"Are you okay?" he asked.
"I'm fine."
Maks crossed his arms. "Not bad, but you need practice – a lot of practice. I want to see an overhead lift." 


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