Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Book Review Tuesday - A Girlfriend's Guide Through Infertility #bookreview #infertility

Review for: A Girlfriend's Guide Through Infertility
Written by: Alicia Preston and Gina Bracci

Avail as an ebook and in paperback

4 Stars

Bracci and Preston write a powerful and all-encompassing book about the struggles of infertility with "A Girlfriend's Guide Through Infertility." Both Bracci and Preston share their stories and challenges with an honesty and candor that will touch your heart.

Anyone struggling with infertility will be able to relate to the authors' moving and poignant stories. I was moved to learn the depth of emotional pain that those dealing with infertility go through. What I appreciated about the authors' stories was how they offered hope in the face of adversity.

The authors take a candid look at environment and biological issues that may impact fertility. I found the chapters on Lysol douching and tampons very informative. The most interesting chapter was on gluten and how it affects the human body. The chapter on the "pill" had a lot of good information as well.

The writing is easy to read and captures the authors' sincerity. The material is well researched with a comprehensive list of research notes.

After reading, the depth of negative emotion that can overtake one amazed me. I also learned how hope can drive the human condition. I discovered how important it is to do your own research on those issues that are important to you. I would recommend this book for women of childbearing age. "A Girlfriend's Guide Through Infertility" is a poignant read that will tug on the heartstrings.

This book is available on Amazon as an ebook and in paperback. 


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