Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Book Review for: Hidden Truths by Angela Britnell

Book Review for: Hidden Truths
Written by Angela Britnell
Desert Breeze Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-61252-266-1
Avail as an ebook

4 Stars

Britnell pens a suspenseful contemporary romance with "Hidden Truths." When British author Fiona Marshall meets country singer, Blake Mayer, the sparks fly, but both have complicated issues to face if they're going to move forward with their lives.

As the story opens, Fiona seeks a place to get in touch with her roots and joins her brother and his family in Cornwall, England. The subject of her book, Nathan Rylant, sends his enforcer threatening her so she will pull her book. Fiona meets Blake when he steps into her brother's vicarage trying to escape a rainstorm. The pair hit it off, but Fiona is reluctant to discuss her problems with Blake. He's also reluctant to talk about himself. He's seeking to "discover" his music again after a rough year and divorce. As the threats increase. Fiona and Blake realize they have to face hidden truths in order to move forward with their lives, but will they come together as a couple or be forced to part?

Britnell's writing style is easy to read. Her international settings will take you on a great adventure along with the characters. The plot flows well. Blake is a true hero, noble, honest, and willing to take action. Fiona's not lacking in determination or inner strength, but her doubts about "the system" fuel some of her more questionable decisions. The supporting cast comes across as 'real' and 'honest' and will warm the reader's heart.

The novel is sophisticated for romance readers and the love scenes are mainstream and capture the sensuality of the couple. Overall, "Hidden Truths" will take you on a journey full of intrigue, suspense and love.  I highly recommend this book.

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