Tuesday, April 23, 2013

National Poetry Month - meet poet Tina Pinson

STEPH:  How long have you been writing poetry? 

TINA: I have been writing since elementary school. I've actually started compiling them found myself thinking what was going through the mind of the girl I was at the time. And then have to fight against trying to fix the poetry of the child, because she wrote her feelings then and I would take away from who she was.

STEPH: Are there any distinct themes to your poetry?

TINA:  I write a lot of Christ centered poems, but I would more say I write from where my heart is at the moment.

STEPH: What forms/types of poetry do you prefer to write? 

TINA: Usually free form. I have done some haikus, and some pretty long poems, but more so I just write.

STEPH: Who is your favorite poet? 

TINA: I like several, when I was younger I read a lot of Helen Steiner Rice, probably because my parents bought me some of her books. Now… I still like her, but I can't really say for certain who my favorite is, I like Maya Angelou, E. Dickenson, Browning, Longfellow, Poe, and more, if the poet touches a chord in me, I like the poem. I don't usually like all the work of a specific poet though.

STEPH: What is your favorite poem?

TINA: I like the Footsteps in the Sand poem, maybe because I see it so often, or perhaps it speaks to my life on numerous occasions.

STEPH: Share one of your poems with us.

God of the Storm

I lifted my eyes to the pouring rain
And felt it's coolness spray my cheek,
tracing my anger and fear to the very
soul of my being

I longed to cry out,
but my lips remained shut to the bitterness within.
Idled by my side, my fists couldn't reach to the heavens
Attempting to blame the blameless.

I picked a rock from the wet earth,
And sent it flying in frustration
No longer could I tarry in my refuge of rain,
Standing so silently.

"Why God?" My voice cracked as my pain began to sear.
"Why so many trials for me?
Do you hear me? Are you there?
God, please answer. Please."

Like a mighty wind, but gently calm,
His answer came to me.
Clearing out my bitterness,
my pain and misery.

With a hug of love he held me there,
to show me I wouldn't fall.
Then he took my hand and led me home,
Enveloped in the peace after the storm.

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  1. What a very powerful, stirring poem, Tina. Very inspiring and moving. Thanks so much for visiting and sharing your poetry with us today.


  2. Thanks Steph, for inviting me to your blog. I've been searching for the page and wasn't fining it. I

    1. Tina,
      I'm so sorry it took you a while to find it. Sadly, this week has kept me busy working and then acting as mom's taxi service. I'd love to read more of your poetry. Have you thought about putting together a poetry book?


  3. This is a beautiful poem. I enjoyed the message it carries.