Monday, April 29, 2013

National Poetry Month - meet poet Barbara Edwards

Barbara Edwards

I’m Barbara Edwards and I’m so happy to celebrate National Poetry Month with you.  In fifth grade, Mrs. Robinson assigned a poem a week to memorize and I began my love-affair with the beauty of the written word. If you gave me time, I could still recite many of those poems and tell you what they mean to me. It was a wonderful gift from a wonderful teacher. 

STEPH: How long have you been writing poetry?

BARBARA: Since I was a young girl, so it’s been a life-long love.
My poems are about me, my feelings, my emotions, so I never tried to have any of them published.

STEPH:What type of poetry do you like to write? free form? villianelles? Quatrains, Sonnets, hiakus, etc...

BARBARA: Oh my, what a selection of types. Since I wrote for my pleasure, I never settled on a specific format. I did what sounded best to me. Probably free form fist my best.

STEPH: Who is your favorite poet?

BARBARA: I love Robert Frost, another New England native.

STEPH: What is your favorite poem and why?

BARBARA: Frost’s “The Road Less Traveled” is one of my favorites.
STEPH: Can you share a poem of yours or two with us? 

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BARBARA So many poems, so little space. How about these? 
The damned cat died.
Old age, I suppose,
That mangy hair-ball.

Remember her silly kitten act?
Chasing dust balls from under the bed
To scatter tatters across the rug
And sneeze pieces clinging to her whiskers.

How many times did she drop an offering
At my feet or on the back step?
Mighty hunter of baby birds and mice
And once a two foot long snake.

Grooming in a ray of sunlight,
She’d stare contemptuously at my entrance
When I opened the door
Her tongue a tiny pink raspberry.

A purring lump against the small of my back
On cold,  lonely nights.
Her raspy tongue would lick my chin
And tickle before I pushed her away.

So the damned cat died.
And I’m putting her ragged toys,
Bowl and collar into a brown bag.
To dispose of. Maybe.

I’ll miss the damned cat.
Much more than I ever miss you.
So tomorrow I’ll get another kitten,
Although I can’t think why.

Tonight there is an empty doorstep,
And a cold hollow at the small of my back.
And I’ll cry again, for both of you.
But mostly because the damned cat died. 

Or for a change


Join me on my journey
Share a way with me

A mile, a league, a pace or two
Time matters not, I am with you.

At a twist in the path
Where a fork split the way
Hushed by the silence
My soul heard yours say
Don’t hurt me, Don’t love me,
Don’t leave me alone...
The words didn’t match
Your expression of stone.

With laughter, caresses, I gave gentle care
Fearful myself, I gave what I dare.

Confused by my feelings,
Lacking a map, sign or guide,
I need to move onward,
Come, walk at my side.

Thanks for hosting me Stephanie. I enjoyed it. Barbara

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  1. Thanks for having me as your guest. It was fun to dig through my poems and find something to share.

  2. Barbara,
    Thanks so much for joining me today. I absolutely LOVED both of your poem. I'm a cat person so "Winnie" touched my heartstrings.

    And I loved the invitation you issued to the reader on Traveler. I also like your poetry style - easy to read and "get" into.

    You should consider a poetry book.


  3. Interesting, Barbara. You convey your thoughts and mood so well through poetry. I don't even try poetry as my works end up sounding more like bawdy limericks and I'm already in trouble enough my my naturalist mystery...