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Happy New Year! The Tournament of Roses Parade

Float from 2009

Happy New Year! May the start of the 2013 find you happy, healthy, and in good spirits.

Even as a young girl growing up in New England, I can remember turning on the TV to watch the Tournament of Roses parade held in Pasadena, CA. Now, Pasadena is in my backyard.

The Rose Parade has a long, rich history. It began on 1 Jan 1890, and was organized by members of Pasadena's Valley Hunt Club.

The Rule
The Rose Parade is always held on Jan 1st except when Jan 1st falls on a Sunday – then they move the Rose Parade to the following Monday, Jan 2nd.

This rule was put in place in 1893. According to the official site was instituted to: "avoid frightening tethered horses outside the local churches."

The Rose Parade outgrew the Valley Hunt Club and in 1895, the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association was formed.

The parade's main attractions include flower covered floats, marching bands, and equestrians.

Did you Know?
Starting 2011 Honda became the official sponsor of the parade. It has the first float in the parade.

The parade follows the main route every year and down Colorado Bl. Which is a part of historic route 66.
1st Cavarly Division Mounted Unit

Professional float companies construct most of the floats. The floats have a rule: the framework has to be covered in natural materials: nuts, flowers, seeds, bark, plants, or vegetables. No exceptions.

Since the start of the parade, equestrian units play a vital role. This year several drill teams will be in the parade along with the 1st Cavalry Division Horse Cavalry Detachment, the Anaheim Police Dept. Mounted Unit and Hawaii Pa'u Riders.

The parade invites top marching bands from all over the world. Local bands such as Pasadena City College Band have a long tradition with the parade. The University marching bands from the schools in the Rose Parade are also invited to march.

Did you Know?
This year's Grand Marshall is Dr. Jane Goodall.
Dr. Jane Goodall

Repeat Grand Marshalls include:
Shirley Temple
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Bob Hope
Richard Nixon
Earl Warren

The Royal Court
Each year a Queen and 6 princesses are chosen from Pasadena area girls between 17-21. The winners ride on a float in the parade, but they also have duties – attending over 100 events in the Pasadena area to promote the parade. The young ladies receive scholarships and a wardrobe.

Did you Know?
The 1954 Rose Parade was televised in color nationwide on NBC. It was the first program ever broadcasted in color on NBC. Currently, ABC holds the official parade TV contract, but because it is a public parade, other networks are allowed to produce their own coverage.

After the parade is over, the floats are parked and put on display for 2 days. Admission to view the floats is $10.00. The floats compete for awards. 24 in total are given out.

In 1902, the 1st Rose Bowl game was played. The next one wasn't played until 1916, and they've been played annually ever since. The football game is played on the same day as the parade.

Question for you: What two teams are playing in the 2013 Rose Bowl? What two teams played in the Rose Bowl last year? Who won?

Do you have a favorite Rose Parade memory? Feel free to share!

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