Sunday, December 30, 2012

5th Day of Christmas in Song - What Child is This

One of my favorite carols is "What Child is This" because the words are so heartfelt and the music is so stirring to the soul.

William Chatterton Dix wrote the lyrics to the song in 1865. Dix was born in England and wrote over 40 hymns. When he was 29, he was struck by a severe illness and confined to his bed. It was during this time Dix wrote a poem called "The Manger Throne." From this poem, 3 stanzas were taken and set to an English tune, "Greensleeves." Retitled, the song became "What Child is This."

Author Bio: Stephanie Burkhart is a 911 Dispatcher for LAPD. She puts white lights on her tree.

Question for you: Do you prefer white lights or colored lights on your tree?

The Faberge Secret

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"Burr..." Elise said.
"It's freezing. You are insane," Lucy said. "It's twenty degrees out, and it's only noon." "How do you know?"
"I checked the weather app on my phone."
"Well, we're almost there."
"Let's hope they have a cappuccino bar."


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  1. Stephanie, I love "What Child Is This." It's one of my favorite carols, and I also like it as "Greensleeves."
    And I'm glad to see you know when the 12 days of Christmas are.

    In answer to your question, we have multicolored lights on the tree, white on the shrubs outside.

  2. Caroline, thanks for stopping. I wasn't aware of Greensleeves so I learned something new. There was a lot of conflicting info about Greensleeves - some send it was written during the time of Henry VIII, that Henry VIII himself wrote it, but nothing definative.

    I found a stirring violin version on you tube that Lindsay Stomp did, too. LOL!! I shocked my friend Inna, who grew up in the Ukraine. She said I was the only friend she knew who knew whent he 12 days of Christmas really were.

    We used to have multi colored lights on the tree growing up, but nowadays I use white lights. Here's Lindsay's violin verison of the song.


  3. Thanks for finding out about the songs I love! Happy 2013!