Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Writing ideas - I Need a Hero

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Our hero has a fine line to walk. The modern reader wants a man who is verbal, tender, and vulnerable, but not a wimp. Tall order, huh?

What makes a guy attractive?

Our hero has to convince the heroine - and the reader - that he's an attractive guy - inside and out. Add a dash of danger, a pinch of excitement, and a dose of sexy. It's just not enough to be good looking, he's got to treat those people around him with respect.

The Alpha Hero

He's assertive, dominant, and successful. (Sounds a little like Christen Grey, doesn't he?) He's the guy who owns the company and wants another one.

The Beta Charmer

This guy is playful and relaxed, caring and charming. He owns the company, but lets someone else run it.

A hero needs a convincing job.

He can own the company, be a police officer, fire fighter, or in the armed services. He can be a spy or an archeologist. He can even be a rock star or royalty. Whatever his profession, he's got to love what he does, act honorably, and treat those around him right.

Do you like a rich guy for a hero?

Do you like reading a romance where the hero is filthy stinking rich, or do you prefer to have him a more down-to-earth job?

The job has to fit the hero. It can't be trivial. It's got to be something he enjoys and excels in.


What qualities do you want your hero to have? Heroism? Nobility? Honor? Integrity? What kind of job?

Question for you: Do you want a hero who is rich? Why or why not?

Reference: On Writing Romance, by Leigh Michaels, F&W Publications, ISBN: 978-1-58297-437-8, 2007


  1. Rich or poor, I would want a man who loved me and only me.

  2. A take charge man who is capable, secure, take charge guy who is unaffected by his own good looks and loves me enough to allow me room to grow yet will always be there if I fall.

  3. Kathleen, I agree. #1 - he's got to love me.

    Mama, he sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing Ladies.