Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Book Review for: 50 Shades of Grey

Book Review for: Fifty Shades of Grey
Written by: E.L. James
Avail: as a print book
4 Stars

James pens a character driven romance full of inner conflict and nail-biting tension with "Fifty Shades of Grey." Christian Grey is a successful businessman determined to dominate in all things. Enter Anastasia Steele. She challenges him at every turn. Dare he give his heart to her?

Set in contemporary Seattle, Anastasia is a grad student who interviews Christian for her friend, Kate. Ana and Christian can't deny there's a charge of attraction between them. Later, Christian finds Ana and they have a coffee date. Christian would like her to enter into a relationship with him. For Ana, Christian's proposal is shocking, but she's game to try. However, when she wants "more," is Christian willing to meet her in the middle?

James uses a strong character voice that easily pulls the reader into Ana's world. The story is written in the first person, present tense. At times, I found the present tense a bit disconcerting, but the characterization is so strong, I enjoyed the novel very much.

What makes the novel resonate is the characterization. Christian is forceful, bossy, dominant even, but he reveals to Ana another side of himself that he hasn't before. Ana is strong, made of "steele." She may be willing to try Christian's suggestions, but she speaks her mind all things.

The novel explores darker topics and erotic themes in a mature way. Can the light of love break through the secrets which have hardened Christian's heart? "Fifty Shades of Grey" is more than an exploration of the erotic – it dares to peer into the dark parts of our souls to see just how much the human spirit can endure, as in Christian's case. Due to the erotic/intimate scenes I would recommend this book for mature readers. "Fifty Shades of Grey" will leave you breathless and wanting to read the sequel.


  1. I haven't read this book, but with all the hype I have been curious. Nice review. :)

  2. I've read the entire series twice because I love Christian! Through the many horrible reviews, I proudly say I would have signed the contract! Don't stop reading till you're Freed!

  3. Great review, Steph! I haven't read the book either, but it's always nice to see a well-written (and unbiased) review! :)


  4. Also haven't read it. You give in-depth characterization info and that's helpful when deciding if a book is enticing or not.

  5. Ladies, thanks so much for popping in. I was very impressed with the characterization. This book isn't just an tale of erotism. In fact, it takes a while for the couple to embark on their sexual exploration. They don't just jump into it. On the down side, it could have used a good copy editor at a minium. The present tense annoyed me, but the characters were so strong I was able to deal with it. I'm looking forward to 50 Shades Darker.


  6. Hi Steph

    I agree with your review wholeheartedly. I don't usually read erotic novels but decided to read because of all the hype and I don't regret it at all. There's so much more to it than erotism. Yes, that's a bit shocking to conservative people like me at first but the book is much deeper than that. A complex love story that shows that love really does win in the end

  7. I am so glad i enjoyed Christian and Ana's story.
    Thank you so much for the wonderful book! I finished it a few days ago and cannot get it out of my head. It is pure magic. It was everything I hoped it would be and much more. Thank you so much.You Are a great writer...EL james