Friday, November 2, 2012

Book Review for: "The Last Olympian"
Written by: Rick Riordan
Disney/Hyperion Books
ISBN: 978-142-310150-5
Avail as: ebook & print
4.5 Stars

Riordan delivers an action-packed, suspense-filled story with his final book in the "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" series titled "The Last Olympian." The battle is on between Kronos, his Titans, the Olympians, and the demigods. The prize is Earth and it's way of life. Who will win?

New York is under siege and the Titan Typhoon is wreaking havoc throughout America. The mist hides the truth from humans, but the demigods and Olympians struggle against the Titans. Percy leads Camp Half-Blood in the defense of New York, however things aren't what they seem. By the time the dust settles, Percy and his friends will have their courage, resolve, and inner strength tested. The final battle is packed with surprises.

Riordan's writing style is easy to read. There's adventure, fast-paced action, and plenty of suspense mixed in with the perfect does of tender, character revealing moments.

Percy's come a long way since his first adventure, displaying a rare maturity for his age. Nico diAngelo, Hades' son, also proves his worth. There are a lot of surprises in store for the demigods and how they face adversity defines their character. It's a lesson that will resonate with the novel's young reading audience.

Again, Riordan's done a wonderful job putting a modern twist on the ancient Greek legends, making them appealing for today's audience. The series inspires young readers to explore and read.

"The Last Olympian" is full of secrets, unexpected twists, and nail-biting suspense. Readers 9-years-old and up will enjoy this novel. I highly recommend it.

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