Monday, August 13, 2012

Good Looking Man Monday

Today's good looking man is Roger Howarth, an actor on "General Hospital." He's also acted on Guiding Light, One Life to Live, and As The World Turns. I've loved watching Roger's acting since I found him on One Life to Live in 1997. As Todd he was menancing and intense. He's also been on Dawson's Creek and Prey. Roger has a nice smile here in this picture - so I'd love to hear your thoughts - what do you think is on his mind in this picture?

Which of my characters (from my novels) do you think he'd be a good fit for?

King Mihai, Twilight Over Moldavia

Dimitri Romanov, The Faberge Secret

Count Anton Varga, The Count's Lair

Prime Minister John Russell, Victorian Scoundrel

Prince Ivanstan, The Green Rose

Smiles to all


  1. I'm thinking this cutie would be a good Dimitri Romanov from The Faberge Secret. Darken his hair a bit, give him a charming accent - perfect!

  2. He's thinking, "Pizza. Yeah, pepperoni would be nice." :-)>

  3. Thanks Linda for popping in. I agree, he'd a good fit for "Dimitri," too. Steve, I chuckle because I thought the same thing. hehe


  4. A good looking man must "Be dominant". Check this out to know more.