Thursday, August 23, 2012

Book Review for: Oceans Between Us

Book Review for: Oceans Between Us
Written by: Helen Scott Taylor
Genre: Contemporary Romance

5 Stars
Cinderella finds her shoes in this modern romance

Scott-Taylor pens an endearing romance with "Oceans Between Us." Dino Rossellini is a world famous singer who retreats to the town of Porthale, Cornwall to reevaluate his life. Maria Gardener is quite content with her world, running the quaint guesthouse, the Crow's Nest. When Dino asks for shelter, Maria's heart immediately goes out to him. Dare Dino and Maria bridge the ocean between their lives to find happiness?

Set in contemporary Europe, Dino and Maria live very separate careers, yet Dino is attracted to the steadfast Maria. She's everything he wants in a woman. Maria, however, is reluctant to see the world and he has an international lifestyle. Dino spends a month in Cornwall, but must leave to fulfill his contractual obligations. Can love bring them together or will real life obstacles drive them apart?

Scott-Taylor's romantic setting and easy writing style stirs the reader's heartstrings. I'm a sucker for a great international romantic setting and Scott-Taylor has a way of making the reader feel like they're residents of the locales in the novel. For me, the characterization was the best part. Dino and Maria are delightfully human, each struggling with their own problems, yet are willing to believe in the hope that love offers.

The love scenes are tasteful and embody the sensuality of the couple. "Oceans Between us" will have you believing in the power of love. I highly recommend this delightful story.

The story is now available on Amazon.

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