Sunday, August 21, 2011

Welcome to the Football Blog Tour!!

It's football season and there are bunch of us writers who enjoy sitting down and watching a good game. Over the course of the next 6-8 weeks, I've invited several writers to pop in and gush about their favorite football team. I'm kicking off the season so to speak with my favorite team - The New England Patriots! Enjoy! Steph

I may live in Southern California now, but my favorite football team is the New England Patriots. I caught football fever in 1986 when the Patriots went to Superbowl XX and faced off against the Chicago Bears. I still have my "Berry the Bears" t-shirt! It doesn't matter how far away from home I am, New England will always be in my heart. Enjoy the "Q&A" and Patriots "fast" facts. There's a contest/giveaway at the end.

Q: Who's your favorite player "playing" now?

STEPH: Tom Brady, of course! He's got the heart of a winner and it shows.

Q: Who's your favorite all-time Patriot Player?

STEPH: Teddy Bruschi. He was great on defense and no one could deny he had the heart of a patriot. His steadfastness and loyality helped the team win 3 superbowls.

Q: Have you ever been to a football game?

STEPH: Sadly, no. I'm working on it.

Q: What's your favorite football food?

STEPH: Pizza & beer.

Q: What's your favorite "Patriot" memory?

STEPH: Watching the Patriot/Raider game in 2001 which was played in the snow at Foxborough. Both teams were playing with a lot of heart. I'll never forget watching Adam Vinteri make that field goal in the torrent of snow that just came heaping down on the field. The Patriots won the game and went on to win the superbowl.


The Patriots joined the NFL in 1970 when the AFL merged with the NFL.

Foxborough is 22 miles south of Boston.

Boston Globe artist Phil Bissell designed the original Patriots logo.

Pats owner James Orthwein (1992-1994) oversaw the change of the logo to the silver/blue Patriot "hat" logo.


Answer the following questions right and you'll be entered to win a PDF ARC copy of one of the following:
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1. What year did the Patriots hire Bill Belichick?
2. Who is the current owner of the Patriots?
3. In 1971, the "Boston" Patriots wanted to change their name to this, but the NFL rejected the name. What name did they reject?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Stephanie Burkhart's latest release is a steampunk romance called "Victorian Scoundrel" with Desert Breeze Publishing. She also writes paranormal and contemporary romance. USC (University of Southern California) is her favorite College football team.

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  1. Steph, as you know, I am not a Pats fan (Go Colts), but I do really love Teddy Bruschi. He's such a great player and, you're right, he does have a great heart.

  2. I am Canadian and we have the CFL (Canadian Football League), but I also follow NFL and my fav team is the STEELERS...

  3. Carol, I'm looking forward to your post, Sweetie.

    Kathleen, share - who is your favorite team on the Canadian Football League. Do they play football w/the same rules as they do in the US?

    Alan, LOL!! Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback and Green Bay football is always fun to watch!


  4. I am a devoted/fanatic Green Bay Packers fan! So great to see another female sports football fan. Just joined 3 fantasy football leagues today. Can't wait for the season to start. Go PACK!

    Alison Chambers

  5. Around our house, OU football reigns, That's the University of Oklahoma, for all you non-okies. I'm not an okie, except through marriage, but I've watched my share of games.

    As for pro-ball, we used to follow the Redskins when we lived in the DC area. Since we moved south, we're almost always too busy on Sunday afternoon to watch TV, unless its golf. That's another story altogether.

    I wish you well on your football blog tour, Steph.


  6. Such a fun idea and I'm excited to share the WHO DAT NATION with your readers when it's my turn to visit!!

  7. Being from Cincinnati, I root for the Bengals. Years ago, I attended a memorable game at the new Cincinnati stadium's inauguration. My son took me, along with his girlfriend, and we had a blast. But I am not a football person. Talk about tennis and I'll tell you that right now, we are glued to the TV watching the Cincinnati game. Next week it'll be the US Open from NY.

  8. I live about 26 miles from Cincy but probably not going to watch the Bengals this year. My husband will, though! I'd like to see a new owner of the Bengals. We do enjoy college football the most. I'm disappointed, of course, about my Ohio State University's woes lately, but definitely still a Buckeye fan. We also like to watch Univ. of Cincinnati and Notre Dame.

  9. Maggie, it's great to see you pop in! Thanks for sharing your football favorites!

    Jillian, I'm looking forward to your visit, Sweetie!

    Mona, I'm a Carson Palmer fan as he hails from USC and he was great back in the day. I'm surprised and a tad bit disappointed to hear he retired? The US Open! Have fun. I remember when I was in Paris back in 1992 and the French Open was going in. There was a lot of buzz in the city about it.

    Diane, Sorry to hear about Ohio State, but I'm right in the pot with you - USC is still under sanctions and while they are a good team, they can't even compete in a bowl game. I'm bummed. Sorry to hear about your disappointment with the Bengals. I wish the Dodgers had a new owner, too, but that's another sport!

  10. I have gratefully managed to avoid college and professional football all my adult life. I don't know the teams, the players or the stats. I was almost killed by a Bengal's running back once, though. I was on the sidelines taking photos for the newspaper and was snapping away as the running back came down the sidelines. Then he was tackled sideways...I jumped back and left. I know it wasn't as close as it seemed, but man those guys are big!

  11. Keena, oh my gosh! I'm glad he missed you! What a fun story though at the time, I bet it was disconcerting.