Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Welcome Guest Author - Regina Andrews

Hi all, I usually don't do guest authors on Tuesday, but Regina Andrews asked me for a favor and who was I to refuse? *grin* Reinga is an inspirational author who lives in Rhode Island and one of the kindest authors I know. I've visited her blog many times and I've always enjoyed hanging with her for a day? Who wouldn't with a view of Newport, RI & the manisions? *wink* Regina has a new book out, "Angels of The Heart." She's here to share a blurb & and excerpt. Enjoy!


The life of a television journalist has been good to Maryanne Lynch and life in Sterling Lakes suits her well. That is, until she learns of developer Travis Collimore’s plans to destroy a local landmark, the Townsend Barn along with its rare angel weather vane, as part of the renovations of St. Luke’s Church. The reappearance of her former high school friend who moved away years earlier turns Maryanne’s life into a series of events which put her values, her character and her beliefs to the test. Will she be able to maintain her professional and ethical standards in the face of a ghost from the past…who looks to be clouding her future?


"That's a wrap, everyone, thank you. Another great show."

Reviewing the studio audience, WMAS television host Maryanne Lynch started to remove her earpiece as usual and roll the wire into a neat coil. This time though, the stone on her diamond engagement ring snagged the strands of her sleek black bob, tangling up the wire and interrupting her thoughts. She freed herself only to have the ring hitch again, this time catching the jacket pocket of her cappuccino business suit as she tried to slip her earpiece safely inside it.

Kirk Blackstone, her producer, approached her. "Maryanne, there's a bunch of girl scouts here. Doing some badge about media careers. Can you meet with them?"

"Sure, in the conference room. Just give me one minute, okay?"

She moved through the studio, scanning the crowd while remaining intent on her purpose. "I had to wear a pencil skirt today," she mumbled. One of the guests today had looked familiar, but she couldn't put her finger on it. She hurried to catch up with him, while considering an even more pressing matter about the show's topic.

When she turned the final corner before the studio exit doors, she spotted him. With his tall frame and blond hair, he stood out in the crowded lobby area.

"Excuse me!"


"Thank you for visiting the show today."

His brown eyes traveled up and down her frame. "No problem."

"Everyone is all worked up about the renovations to St. Luke's Church and the new face of Sterling Lakes. It's a hot topic."

"It's good the town folks are interested."

"They are more than interested, they are reborn. This is the new lease on life that Sterling Lakes has been praying for so very long. You can't imagine what it means to us."

"Heartwarming. Now, if you'll excuse me?"

Maryanne had done enough interviews to know his tone of voice probably meant he was not really interested. She took one step closer to him. "There's just another thing to clear up. If you develop St. Luke's the way you explained on my show, it means you'll have to raze the Townsend Barn."

"There is a structure--"

"Townsend Barn."

He nodded. "There is a structure, Townsend Barn, thank you, which currently stands right in the middle of the land that will house the rectory and youth center. To build the extension, the barn has to go."

"That can't happen."

"The architect has designed for it to happen that way."

"The people of Sterling Lakes love the barn. It has an angel weather vane. That's very rare, you know."

"I don't know what to tell you. The plans have been drawn up and approved."

Maryanne arched one eyebrow. "Really? We all know plans are made to be broken."

Link to book on DB site: http://stores.desertbreezepublishing.com/-strse-189/Regina-Andrews-Angels-of/Detail.bok


  1. REGINA/STEPHANIE- the book looks great.Would be great to get the book,and also read what Regina has written previously.

  2. REGINA-is ANGELS OF THE HEART a series.How long have you been writing professionally???REGARDS

  3. Stephanie, thank you so much for hosting me today. It was so last minute and I really appreciate your rally - especially with all you have going on. It's great to be here and I hope folks like "Angels of the Heart".
    Hope everyone is having a good day. I'll pop back in a little while :-)

  4. Hi Stephanie,

    You are right; Regina is a sweet person and a gifted writer. Her excerpts alone pull the reader in.

    Regina, "Angels Of The Heart" sounds like a winner. The excerpt is visual and the characters are real.

    May God bless you with mega sales and a huge following.

  5. REGINA/STEPHANIE-excellent excerpt from the book.It pays to make your characters real.Please keep up the good work,and your readers as interested as possible with your work.Have a nice Day!!!!!!!!!

  6. REGINA- ANGELS of THE HEART ,looks like a wonderful book.Having just purchased it i cannot put it down.Please keep the new books coming along.Have a nice day!!! REGARDS

  7. Hi, Regina,

    Angels of the Heart looks like another winner. Can't wait to download it.

    Toni Noel

  8. Regina, Angels of the Heart sounds like a great read.

    Stacey, thanks for commenting today at Under the Tiki Hut.