Friday, June 10, 2011

Welcome Guest Author, Barbara Edwards

Steph: I'd like to welcome author Barabara Edwards. Her latest release is "Ancient Blood," and it's a paranormal, right up my alley! Barbara is a wonderful lady and fellow Book Spa Friend. Thanks for being here today!

Barbara:Hello, Stephanie, Thanks for having me as your guest today and the chance to talk about my new release, Ancient Blood.

Steph: I don't know much about Ancient Blood. What's it about?

Barbara: Ancient Blood is set in the small New England town of Rhodes End where the paranormal is the norm. The hero, Cole, is a hereditary werewolf. Lily, a woman running from a dangerous stalker, is the heroine. Neither is ready for love, but it finds them anyway.

Steph: Where did the inspiration for it come from?

Barbara: The same place as all my stories-I dreamed about Cole and Lily. The big difference was that theirs was a love scene and when I woke up I knew how much I wanted to write their story.

Steph: How long did it take you to write?

Barbara: Over a year, with rewrites. I really envy authors Like Nora Roberts who write a book in a couple months.

Steph: Did you have to do a lot of research on it?

Barbaraa: Oh yes. I researched mitrochondrial DNA along with the pattern of hereditary characteristics, the results on ingesting Wolfsbane, the colors of auras and their interpretation, the mating habits of wolves along with the herbs that are commonly grown in New England.

Steph: Are you a plotter or a panster?

Barbara: I keep switching back and forth. There are times when I know exactly what and where the scene will contain, how it fits in the story and expands the plot. At other times, the characters take over and the whole thing goes in a direction I never imagined.

Steph: Cast the movie - Ancient Blood. Who plays the main characters?

Barbara: I’m not a movie go-er so I don’t know who the big name stars are. I would need a lean, dark, brooding hero for Cole and a spunky, intelligent blonde who loves animals to play Lily. Any suggestions?

Steph: I'm a sucker for Robert Pattinson. What do you think of Mena Suvri for Lily? What's the theme of Ancient Blood?

Barbara: Lily and Cole’s story was inspired by an idea I pursued in Ancient Awakening. It’s a question of how you face problems that life presents you. Lily has to accept that the result of her head injury, her ability to see auras, is a part of her. Cole cannot accept his werewolf status. He is obsessed with finding a cure.

Steph: What can readers take with them after reading the book?

Barbara: I hope they want to visit New England. It’s a beautiful, fascinating place full of history. The oldest known case of Vampires is in New England. Do you know where?

Steph: Oh my gosh, I grew up in New Hampshire and have to a lot of places, I know about the Salem Witch trials, but not about the vampires. I would have to guess they're somewhere in Massachuetts though.

Do you have an e-book reader? If so, which one?

Barbara: I have a Sony e-book reader. It is an older one almost five years old. I have been looking at all the choices, Kindle, B&N’s Nook, Sony’s new e-book reader and can’t decide which I want more. Each has good points.

Steph: For fun: What's your favorite pie?

Barbara: Strawberry-Rhubarb pie is my absolute favorite and I make it every spring when the rhubarb is ripe.
I make great crust, by the way.

Here’s a blurb and excerpt from Ancient Blood:

Lily Alban escapes a murderous stalker, but his vicious attack leaves her with the ability to see auras. She finds safety in the tiny hamlet of Rhodes End where a stranger stands out like a red light. Try as she might to deny her growing desire for Cole, she seeks his help but soon discovers the man she loves is not a man at all.

Werewolf Cole Benedict resists his attraction to Lily. A botanist researching the healing herbs to find a cure for Lycanthropy, he’s determined to protect Lily from her stalker as well as himself even in human form, but instinct takes over when he changes to his inner beast.

Together they must use their extraordinary gifts to catch Lily’s stalker before he attacks again, but revealing their secrets to one another could destroy their growing love or save them both.

“Lily?” His strong hands gently cupped her shoulders.
“Don’t, please don’t.”

She pulled away, fully intending to flee. Her resistance shattered, and she turned into his embrace. It was too late to escape.
Pressing against his strength, she wound her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. His erection prodded her stomach, and she moaned. A heavy groan filled his throat as he lifted her from her feet. He kicked the bag aside as he sat her on the counter.

“I can’t wait,” he growled. His flaring aura spiraled with colors she couldn’t name. She caught her breath. One hand burrowed through her hair, keeping her still as he stepped between her thighs. “You’re all I could think about all day.”

Clasping her bottom, he slid her to the edge of the counter. With his lips claiming her mouth, he unbuttoned her slacks, than lifted her slightly to push them down and off.

The cold surface only made her more aware of his scorching heat. His rough denim pants scraped her inner thighs in contrast with the silky hair under her palms. Her pulse leaped, and she gasped. His male scent mixed with hints of the wild forest filled her nostrils. When his fingertip explored the heated moisture gathering at her juncture, she tightened her thighs around his hips.

Ancient Blood is Available from The Wild Rose Press
Print ISBN: 1-60154-916-4
Print ISBN 13: 9781601549167

Again, thank you for having me as your guest.
Barbara Edwards

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Steph: Barbara, that's a hot excerpt! I cannot wait to read! You've got me hooked. hehe


  1. Wow. Barbara, your new book sounds great. I congratulate you, and wish you well-Celia

  2. thank you Celia.

  3. It was a pleasure visiting with you Steph. Thanks for having me.

  4. Barbara, it was great to have you here, but I'm sorry Blogspot was giving you problems posting. Grrr... ((hugs))


  5. Sounds like a great book. I'll have to add it to my summer read list.

  6. This sounds like a must have for me. I loved the excerpt and can't wait to read the rest of the book.

    Tracey D