Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday - What I'm reading: Not Without Risk by Sarah Grimm

I thought I'd share my recent book review for "Not Without Risk," by Sarah Grimm. I LOVED this book. It had everything - romance, heat, sexual tension, a compelling plot, and a twist you wouldn't expect. Tomorrow, Sarah will be with us for a guest interview.



Book Review for: Not Without Risk
Written by: Sarah Grimm
Wild Rose Press
ISBN: 978-1-601-54-634-0
244 pages
5 Stars

Reviewed by: S. Burkhart

Grimm crafts an edge-of-your seat romantic suspense with "Not Without Risk." Photographer Paige Conroy finds an old friend, Leroy St. John, dead in a hotel room. Unknown to her, she's opened up a can of worms. Can Detective Justin Harrison keep her safe?

Set in present day San Diego, CA, Grimm puts the reader right into the action when detective Justin Harrison and his partner are called out to the scene of a murder. As he investigates, he learns the victim, St. John, is a cop from back East. A local photographer, Paige Conroy, found the body. When Justin meets Paige, the sparks fly.

Justin and Paige acknowledge their physical attraction, but each have emotional hang-ups. The danger increases when Paige is sent an email with pictures of her apartment – taken at night when she was sleeping. Spooked, Paige goes to the police – and Justin.

Justin is determined to put the clues together, but remains stymied. When Paige's classic car is blown up, Justin throws professional caution to the wind and insists Paige stay with him for her safety. Justin's partner, Allan, is concerned Justin is blurring the lines between his job and his heart.

Paige holds the key to cracking the case, but can Justin solve it before he loses his heart – and his objectivity?

Grimm's writing is sharp. The plot is tight with several twists and turns that will keep the reader on their toes.

Grimm engages the reader immediately, placing them in the scene with Justin. The dialogue is crisp. The descriptions are spot on, never lingering, and there's the perfect blend to set the scenes.

Both Justin and Paige are compelling characters. Paige has been hurt before. She was once engaged to a police officer who put the job before her. Her fiancé died performing his job, and Paige is reluctant to commit to Justin emotionally. She's uncertain if Justin is worth the risk.

Justin is deeply committed to his job. Unfortunately, he received a bullet wound while off duty and the effects of the injury are still lingering. Justin's never really let a woman into his life. The danger Paige faces easily brings out all his protective instincts, yet letting Paige into his heart is not without risk.

The novel is sophisticated for romance readers. Grimm's love scenes are sensual, full of heat, and capture the intense connection between Paige and Justin.

"Not Without Risk" is a heart pounding suspense that does not disappoint.


  1. Steph-

    I'm so glad you enjoyed Not Without Risk. Thanks again for the wonderful review!

  2. Congratulations on the release. Sounds wonderful. Much luck with sales.

  3. Hi Stephanie and Sarah!


    Congratulations on the new release!!

    "heart pounding suspense that does not disappoint"--Nice review!

    I wish you all the best!