Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Genre Tuesday - A look at Inspirational Romance

A look at Inspirational Romance

An inspirational romance is a story that not only has internal/external conflict, but a spiritual conflict as well. The challenge then is to make the spiritual conflict believable.

A Christian Feel

Inspirational Romance should have a mainstream Christian feel. The goal is to have your hero/heroine clearly demonstrate a belief in Jesus Christ by the end of the novel.

Does it matter what religion is used in the story? No, it doesn't. While most stories in the genre appeal to a non-denominational Christian religion, any religion can be used to bring in the spiritual quality you, the author, is looking for.


Themes help frame spiritual conflict. Does the hero feel bitter toward God? Does the heroine feel like she doesn't deserve forgiveness after what she's done?

The End

Happily ever after doesn't usually occur until your couple gets past their spiritual issues. An inspirational romance is about the spiritual journey one takes to get closer to God.

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