Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Reading Tuesday - What I'm reading

Sadly, I can't read at the house unless I have the day off and the boys are in bed. That's rare. Usually this opportunity strikes on my days. That said, I have to read at work during down time. But that can be a challenge if a I have trainee. I love my trainees, but I need my "me" time and work, if you can believe it, is my "me" time.

That said, the heaves have aligned and I have had time to read lately. I just started J Morgan's "Were Love Blooms." He's got great voice, and "Were Love Blooms" is a paranormal romance about werewolves. I'm picky about my wolves now, but J has me hooked. It's a lighthearted, fun read and I'm curious just how Madison became a wolf.

My next book I'm reading is Gail Delaney's Outcasts. It's a sci-fi speculative futurisic tale and I'm hooked. It takes place in the future on Earth where humans and an alien race called the Aerth live in peaceful coexistance. Col Nick Tanner has just found out that his son is alive after being told he died in childbirth. Guess what - something is afoot. His wife was really Aerth and didn't die in childbirth. And he just found out. I've adored Sci-Fi all my life so this is a great read for me.

Also on the Kindle - Knight of Glory by Nicole Zoltack and One Snowny Knight a medival Scottish romance.

What? You're reading books on a KINDLE? Yep. And I have to admit I LOVE my Kindle. Really love it. I think I'm going to be picky about what books I get in print now and reserve that for the books I really adore.

What are you reading?

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