Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday Stuff - Publishing News & Writing Tips

From Publisher's Weekly:

Sony to go EPub only
Sony plan to announce today that it will use only the ePub e-book format in its e-book store by the end of the year and will cease using its proprietary DRM, according to the New York Times.

Other than that, not much else is going on. Dan Brown's latest book is due in September and I believe it's called THE LOST SYMBOL.


One thing I've noticed is that ebooks are gaining in popularity as of late. They still aren't as in demand as print books but with the popularity of the Kindle, ebooks are picking up as of late.

Kindle is already available, and I think Sony's ebook reader is too. B&N's ebook reader will be avail next year.

The advantages? Saves paper. books are cheaper. They can carry multiple books on a reader. Saves space. Never goes "out of print."

The disadvantatges? Eye strain. The ebook reader itself is expensive. The Kindle is $299. Sony is a little cheaper, I think. The ebook reader can break. Hard to read in sunlight.

Several of my books are avail on ebook including ACROSS THE FICKLE WINDS OF HISTORY from Lulu.

Anyone with an ebook want to weigh in? Ebooks are inovative - some would argue they're the future. And with today's technology they certainly look forward to the future.


Steph's Wednesday Writing Tip:

When writing dialogue, identify the speaker only if you have to so as to avoid confusion. Use simple tags. "said" and "replied" are generally the most accepted. Stay away from tags such as snarled, hissed, and gushed.

Have a great writing week!

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